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afternoon stretch ep 54 workout

The Afternoon Stretch [Ep 54] | Power up with Uncle Sam

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Power up with Uncle Sam through with a revitalising high-intensity workout today!

The Afternoon Stretch programme is designed to get you off your seats while working from home, to keep you moving and avoid a sedentary lifestyle while staying at home.

The programme rundown is as follows:

Movement basic & Power HiiT with Uncle Sam

Segment 1
Focus: Movement basic
Bodyweight Tabata 4 sets of 20sec work: 10sec recovery
- Air squat
- Floor crunch
- Push up shoulder tap

Dumbbell tabata 4 sets of 20sec work, 10sec recovery
- Goblet squat
- Single-leg deadlift
- DB curl and press

Segment 2: Power HiiT 1
3 rounds of
- 10 DB snatch
- 5 burpee vertical jump

Segment 3: Power HiiT 2
3 rounds of
- 10 DB thruster
- 5 knee jump

Enjoy the programme!

Get to know our instructor(s) better at:
IG: @thatunclesam
FB: @ccfirecity

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