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Victoria and kid Photo: Victoria Lim family

One tough Mama

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Victoria Lim, a trainer with the Learning & Development team at a popular American fitness apparel brand, may not look like it but she is a mother to an adorable 2-year-old boy, Tyler. In her job, she is responsible for developing and training staff from all over South-East Asia on leadership, products, as well as sales and service.

This tough mama used to play competitive touch rugby on a regular basis but hated the gym! Apparently, back then she only went for touch rugby training sessions about three to four times a week and did a lot of agility and speed work, strategies and games. She would then join small tournaments on Saturday mornings and play a couple of games under the blazing hot sun.

Victoria and kid Photo: Victoria LimVictoria Lim and her son, Tyler. Photo: Victoria Lim

Occasionally, she would also do some light recovery runs on days when there was no training. Sunday was always ‘rest aka food day’ where she would feast, chill and eat a lot and she stressed, a lot.

When asked what she did to stay fit and health pre-COVID-19, she shared: “I used to go to the gym every day and ran twice a week. I have a fixed strict schedule for myself; Monday: MMA Conditioning, Tuesday: Spinning/Run, Wednesday: HIIT, Thursday: Strength HIIT, Friday: Yoga, Weekends: run with my son in the stroller if he wakes up early and catches me before I sneak out!”

Her fitness routine has changed though since COVID-19 and she had to stop going to the gym. Also, because she wasn't quick to get dumbbells and kettle bells before they ran out of stock, she now relies on her Pilates ball, balance board and two 1.5kg dumbbells. All these were bought back when she was pregnant with her son. To make up for the lack of equipment at home, Victoria runs every day now, seven days a week without fail and does her own HIIT at home two to three times a week.

Photo: Victoria Lim

Victoria feels that you need to set your priorities right if you wish to raise active and healthy toddlers. Photo: Victoria Lim

For parents who are trying to raise active and healthy toddlers, Victoria had this piece of advice: “To me, it starts from us as parents. It is our lifestyle and our habits that our kids will naturally follow and adapt their lives to. So, if you want to raise active and healthy toddlers, I think the first step is to set your priorities right. It requires some stamina and fitness to keep up with your toddlers because they are so active and fast. Sometimes, I feel so unfit trying to catch up with my kid. Hence, to make fitness a lifestyle for your toddlers, you may want to come up with a routine or timetable which is feasible and one where you are able to keep up with. It is all about time management.”

Victoria also feels that playing competitively in the past has helped when it comes to parenting. Due to her competitive background, she has a different mindset for parenting. She sets higher goals for Tyler not because she "only wants him to win" but more so, to challenge his limits because otherwise you will never know where he can be. In competitive sports, we win some and we lose but we fight together as a team and inside of you, you push yourself so hard some days you think it is impossible but when you achieve it, it feels amazing. That is something that Victoria wants Tyler to experience.

When it comes to staying active with Tyler, Victoria is no slouch. Tyler "crashes" her HIIT sessions - either sitting on top of her back when she does push ups, or functions as a 16 kg weight for sit ups and squats.

Photo: Victoria LimTyler is obsessed with running just like his mum. Photo: Victoria Lim

Every evening, when Tyler wakes up from his nap, she makes it a point to bring him downstairs to play. He can choose if he wants to bring his scooter, balance bike or even just go running. Recently, Tyler is obsessed with running which is perfect as his mother has acquired the same hobby.

Victoria enthused: “One thing I am happy to know is that Tyler loves ball games. We play a good amount of soccer with him, basketball and simply just throwing and rolling the ball during any play time he has. We are fans of ball games; I used to play basketball and rugby, while I love captain’s ball and volleyball too. My husband plays soccer really well too and we love sharing our love for these ball games with Tyler and exposing him to these at a young age.”

She feels that it is all about starting them young. It is all about exposure so that it is not a foreign object or activity to them. It is fine if you do not have a sports background. Just get a ball, do simple things like throwing to one and another, kicking or rolling it. To a toddler, that is advance enough and who knows, they may pick up a new skill from this!

Photo: Victoria LimVictoria believes that it is all about starting them young and exposing them to new things. Photo: Victoria Lim

Lastly, Victoria truly believes that active parents raise active kids and had this to say to all parents out there: “If I am active and living a fit and active lifestyle, it means I truly believe in such a lifestyle, which is why I am doing it for myself. Hence, you will spread that routine at home and continue it with your kids because it is your routine and habit.

“I also like to believe that active parents usually have better time management and set priorities clearly too. Hence, they can keep the discipline there for themselves and their kids will learn from their actions too,” she added with a smile.


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