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rise and shine ep 55 workout

Get Active! Rise & Shine [Ep 55] | Pilates & Core with Betsy

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Start the morning with Betsy for some Pilates to strengthen your core!

The Get Active! Rise & Shine programme is designed to keep you healthy & active at home! Be it working from home or spending time with your families, may you find a renewed sense of energy to go about doing your daily activities!

The programme rundown is as follows:

- Abdominal Prep

- Toe Taps

- Single Leg Stretch

- Double Leg Stretch

- Scissors

- Obliques

- Seated Half Roll Back

- Half Roll Back with Obliques

- Teaser Prep

- Full Teaser

- Side Lying Adductor Leg Lift

- Side Plank Prep

- Side Plank Rotation

- Full Plank Side Bend + Rotation

- Lunges

- Squat to Alt. Lunges

- Lunge with rotation

- Shoulder Bridge

- Upper Back Extension

- Heel Squeeze Prone to Superman

- Swimming

- Breaststroke

- Shell Stretch

Get to know our instructor(s) better at:

IG: @thebarebeauty

More virtual classes are also available on ActiveSG Circle! :