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rise and shine ep 53 workout

Get Active! Rise & Shine [Ep 53] | Basics with Yoga Movement

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Move & stretch those muscles out with Vera from Yoga Movement!

The Get Active! Rise & Shine programme is designed to keep you healthy & active at home! Be it working from home or spending time with your families, may you find a renewed sense of energy to go about doing your daily activities!

The programme rundown is as follows:

Supine butterfly
Supine twist
Bridge with arms X3

Elbow to wrist twists x3
Extended puppy
Spine extensions X3

Break 1

Standing Sequence 1
Classical Sun Salutation
Catus arms/open arm twists R/L
Easy twist & grab back foot kick/pull

Yogic squat with binds

Break 2

Standing Sequence 2
Pull heel to bum/Dancer
Warrior 2
Side Angle + bind
Reverse Warrior half bind
Triangle biceps over ears

Supported Side Plank with back bend

Break 3

Wheel x2
Supine twist
Happy Baby

Enjoy the programme!

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