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rise and shine ep 52 workout

Get Active! Rise & Shine [Ep 52] | Power to Zen with Dawn and Uncle Sam

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Power through the mid-week as Dawn & Uncle Sam take you through a workout series that’ll help you summon up the strength you need!

Be it working from home or spending time with your families, may you find a renewed sense of energy to go about doing your daily activities!

Today’s programme:

Focus: Shoulder mobility and stabilisation

- improved shoulder mobility can improve movement pattern and reduce risk of injury and pain
- improved shoulder stability can improve shoulder, elbow, and hand mobility

Segment 1: Uncle Sam
[Equipment: Towel, Hand weights (dumbbells/water-bottles) & Chair]

Mobility and activation
- internal rotation
- external rotation
- lateral raise
- anterior shoulder raise
- Scapulas pinch
- Wall/floor angels

Power workout
3 rounds of,
15 Push up
15 Chair dip
15 Overhead press

Segment 2: Dawn
[Equipment: Towel and Yoga mat]
Sun Salutations (option to hop back and 3 legged chaturanga)
Chair Pose on Toes
Warrior 3
Crescent Lunge
Side Plank
Flying Lizard
Three-legged Dog to Wild Thing

Cool Down
Kneeling forward fold
Kneeling side Angle
Seated spine twist
Humming breath

Enjoy the programme!

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FB: @cffirecity

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