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Edwin Shen family

Fit Dad on wheels

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Edwin Shen, 36, is a Community Manager at a popular global maker of fitness trackers and innovative GPS technology. His job requires him to do a lot of consumer engagement, such as planning and organising events in Singapore and South East Asia, as well as establishing partnerships and conducting product training.

An avid cyclist and fan of the sport, Edwin has a 5-year-old son, Geraint Shen, whom he named after the 2018 Tour de France winner, Geraint Thomas.

Edwin ShenEdwin is a huge fan of cycling. Photo: Edwin Shen

Pre-COVID-19, this active Dad would run two to three times a week and cycle every Sunday with a group of friends. Their cycling routes would differ weekly, planned by their group leader, George Yip, who planned the routes meticulously, making sure that their cycling routes had lesser traffic and included views of Singapore that you couldn’t see if you drive. Most importantly, there was always a breakfast spot that awaited them three quarters into the ride.

Edwin ShenEdwin Shen and his son, Geraint Shen. Photo: Edwin Shen

Edwin shared that these rides typically ranged from 50km to 70km in distance, with an option to do a 100km with a breakaway group who wanted to hit the milestone weekly.

When asked if there were any changes in his fitness routine nowadays due to COVID-19, Edwin said: “During the Circuit Breaker, the parks were very crowded, and I couldn’t ride with my friends, so I started on a training plan on Zwift (Virtual cycling) instead. Zwift is a virtual cycling platform that allows you to link your trainer to your PC, tablet, phone allowing you to ride in a virtual environment with people around the World! It allows me to cycle in groups virtually without the need to travel outdoors.”

In order to raise active and healthy children, Edwin firmly believes that parents must participate in their children's activities. Through this active participation, children are more receptive if they see their own parents joining in and taking part in the same activities.

Edwin ShenEdwin believes that parents must participate in their children's activities. Photo: Edwin Shen

So, what does Edwin do to keep his 5-year-old son Geraint active and occupied? Loads apparently! The father and son duo cycle, run and play football together regularly. Edwin only has one golden tip for other parents who wish to play sports or exercise with their little ones and that is to simply join in!

When questioned whether he agrees that active parents raise active kids, Edwin enthused: “Yes, my son can't stop running and I guess I kind of influenced him! It is part of me to exercise so I’ll try to bring him along and influence him positively.”

Edwin ShenEdwin and his family posing at a previous edition of GetActive! Singapore. Photo: Edwin Shen

Edwin may be an avid cyclist, but he does other sports as well to switch things up sometimes. He hits the gym occasionally but mostly, he is swimming if he is not cycling.

“I need to mix up the different types of exercises. At the same time, it gives me a venue to test my company's products! We live in Hougang but I used to go to the ActiveSG gym and swimming pool at Jurong East to get some laps done whenever time permits as my wife works nearby,” said Edwin.



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