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afternoon stretch ep 29 workout

The Afternoon Stretch [Ep 29] | Leanout with Stephanie & Sakinah from Haus Athletics

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Join the lean mean machines Stephanie & Sakinah from Haus Athletics to keep the blood moving throughout the day!!

The Afternoon Stretch programme is designed to get you off your seats while working from home, to keep you moving and avoid a sedentary lifestyle while staying at home this month.

The programme rundown is as follows:

Segment 1

Intro to HA and Warmup - 2 min

Meltdown with Stephanie
- Giant Set x 3 rounds - 7:30
Plyo lunge
Side stepping pushups
Lateral squat jumps (or skaters?)
Mountain climbers

30s rest
- EMOM - 6 min
10 plank jack 15 butt kick x 3
5 burpee 20 air jack x 3

Total 15 min 30s

Segment 2

Leanout with Sakinah
- 30/20/10 - 8 min 16 seconds
Push ups, push up double pulse, push up pulses
DB rows, DB rows + cleans, DB rows + cleans + presses
DB squats, DB squat double pulse, DB squat pulses

30s rest

- Arms Track - Leanout #15 Release - 6 min 20 seconds
Tricep kickbacks
Bicep double pulse curl, reset

Total 15min

Segment 3

Core with Stephanie
- Circuit 45-15
Pendulum swings R
Pendulum swings L
Lunge and press R
Lunge and press L
Squat and twist
Double pulse wide climbers
Hollow in and out
Bicycle crunches

Cool down

Enjoy the programme!

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