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afternoon stretch ep 28 workout

The Afternoon Stretch [Ep 28] | Back to Basics with Natalie Dau

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Go Back to Basics with Natalie Dau, keeping it simple this mid-week!

The Afternoon Stretch programme is designed to get you off your seats while working from home, to keep you moving and avoid a sedentary lifestyle while staying at home this month.

The programme rundown is as follows:

Warm up - 20 secs work, 5 secs rest , 2 x sets

Calf raise
Knee squeeze
Side to side

Main set - 30 secs work, 15 secs rest

Squat tap
Get up
Side lunge

Push up
Reverse plank
Up & down plank

Straight leg sit up
Bicycle crunch
Plank leg lift

Ad break

Main set repeat x 2


Enjoy the programme!

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