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afternoon stretch ep 27 workout

The Afternoon Stretch [Ep 27] | Basics with Yoga Movement

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Stretch out with Yoga Movement and find your Zen!

The Afternoon Stretch programme is designed to get you off your seats while working from home, to keep you moving and avoid a sedentary lifestyle while staying at home this month.

The programme rundown is as follows:

Segment 1
Seated Twists
Seated Side Stretches
Table Top (Cat & Cow Stretches)
Supported Side plan- Gate Pose
Lizard Lunge Stretches

Segment 2
Vinyasa (Knees Chest Chin Variant)
Three-legged dog to Scorpion Tail
Low Lunge (Open Twist)
Cactus arms
Half Splits (Twist)
Revolved High Lunge to Twisted High Lunge
Warrior 2
Reverse Triangle
Runner’s Lunge

Segment 3
Downward Facing Dog
High Lunge
Warrior 1
Humble Warrior
Revolved Pyramid
Wide Legged Forward Fold

Peak pose
Frog Pose

Bridge Pose
Supine Twist

Enjoy the programme!

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