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LIVE TODAY: Get Active TV 08:00am Rise and Shine | 10:00am The Morning Show | 3:30pm The Afternoon Stretch
rise and shine ep 30 workout

Get Active! Rise & Shine [Ep 30] | Burn and Tone with Cheryl and Uncle Sam

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Join Cheryl and Uncle Sam to burn and tone up!

The Get Active! Rise & Shine programme is designed to keep you active and healthy at home, with a renewed sense of energy to go about doing your daily activities.

Be it at working from home or spending time with your families. For today's morning programme, we welcome Cheryl and Uncle Sam!

The programme rundown is as follows:

Segment 1: Cheryl
Warm Up
• Spider Stretch + toe reach
• high kicks + lunge
• high kicks + lunge
• S-Turn Variation ( without moving feet positioning)

Segment 2: Uncle Sam

Equipment needed
- stable chair
- Weighted item (Dumbbell/bag pack/carton)

2 rounds
10 Seated Deadlift
10 Seated overhead press
10 Seated front raise
10 Chair dips

Segment 3: Cheryl
FatBurn Circuit

30s ON, 20s OFF, 45s End-round Rest × 3 rounds
• Quarter Turns
• Standing Obliques
• Plank - Squat
• Skater

Enjoy the programme!

Unsure of what you can do during #CircuitBreaker? From fitness to wellness, skills and knowledge based activities, we've got you covered! Visit this link: