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rise and shine ep 28 workout

Get Active! Rise & Shine [Ep 28] | Power to Zen with Dawn and Uncle Sam

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Power to Zen with Dawn and Uncle Sam as we find strength to centre our way into the weekend!

The Get Active! Rise & Shine programme is designed to keep you active and healthy at home, with a renewed sense of energy to go about doing your daily activities.

Be it at working from home or spending time with your families. For today's morning programme, we welcome Dawn and Uncle Sam!

The programme rundown is as follows:

Focus: Improve lower back and hip functions
- reduce back pain and sciatica

Equipment needed
- stick (mop/broom)
- 2x face towels
- stool

Segment 1
Warm up
2 rounds,
10 reps each
- Hip hinge
- Standing hip rotation
- Standing spinal curl
- Hinge and squat

Power workout 1
2 rounds of,
10 Rear foot elevated lunge
10 Plank drops
10 Plank lunge

Segment 2

Power workout 2
3 rounds of,
10 Push up
10 Dips
10 Pike push up

Segment 3
Zen Mobility
Seated hamstring stretch (butt walk)
Pigeon and hip flexor combo
Frog stretch (rock back and forth)
Windshield wiper (knees bent)/Lumbar rock
Seated 90/90 (Arm supported)

Enjoy the programme!

More virtual classes are also available on ActiveSG Circle! :…