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team nila distributing masks photo: team nila facebook news

How Singapore unites against a virus attack| Stronger: The Battle Against COVID-19

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Video: CNA Insider 

Nobody really knows how it started and where it is going to strike next. But Singapore is rallying together to fight this invisible enemy - COVID-19. From everyday heroes on the frontline to businesses keeping it going, the island is fighting back. Because in such a battle, a nation can only be stronger, if it stays together. #SGUnited

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Coming together and giving back to the community

Everyone is doing their part. Following the announcement that the Government will be distributing surgical masks to every household in Singapore, 835 Team Nila volunteers and 12 SportCares youths got into the act by helping to distribute the surgical masks over the weekend at the various designated distribution points island wide.

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One of the Team Nila volunteers, Candi Tan, 40, was seen volunteering together with her daughter, Caitlyn Chua, 6.

Candi said: “This is a first step for Caitlyn to start her volunteerism and contribute to the community and nation. She had seen me shave my head bald for Hair for Hope before but she was not able to do the same due to her ballet commitments. Thank you Team Nila for coordinating this.”

Volunteer with Team Nila - join our national volunteerism movement that promotes the culture of giving, citizenship partnership and social cohesion through sport.


Team Singapore athletes from Golf, Kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu and Tennis also came together to help distribute surgical masks to the residents of Tampines.

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Team Singapore Athletes from Bowling, Golf, Football, Netball, Silat, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Wushu showed their appreciation to frontline medical staff from the Singapore General Hospital on March 4. Our athletes from Squash, Basketball, Golf, Silat and Speed Skating also joined DPM Heng Swee Keat at the Kallang Fire Station showing their appreciation for our frontline personnel and officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force with signed Nila plushies and Udders ice cream to the officers to thank them for keeping us safe.

If you wish to help:

Team Nila: To volunteer, please fill up this form

Food From The Heart: To volunteer, visit or WhatsApp 81280432

Food Bank Singapore: To donate, visit

Free Food For All: To donate or volunteer, visit

Willing Hearts: To volunteer, visit


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