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Handball IG organises league to attract more members workout

Handball Interest Group organises league to attract more members

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Handball IG organises league to attract more membersThe Handball League 2020 attracted over 90 participants to try out the sport. PHOTO: MUHAMMAD ALIFF B ABDUL RASHID

The Handball Interest Group (IG) has started a league within Republic Polytechnic to attract more students to join the sport.

Held on 15 January, 2020, the Handball League 2020 attracted about 91 participants from different schools.

"The aim of the league was to raise awareness about handball," said IG captain Tan Cheng Da Edwin.

He added: “We tried to convert students… to have fun while playing handball in school.”

Handball is a seven-a-side game played on a court slightly larger than a basketball court, where the players try to outscore the opponents within 25 minutes. Participants were taught basic rules and skills of the game before the league.

“On the actual game day, they had to put what they learned to use and work together in teams to score against their opponents, in order to advance in standings,” Edwin, who has played the sport since his teens, said.

Through the event, the IG also hopes to attract more members, especially among those who are not involved in any sports. Started in 2014, the IG currently has 50 members.

“By getting only non-sports IG participants, they will be more likely to consider joining our IG if they found our sport interesting, as compared to those already in Sports IG who would already be committed to the sports IG they were in,” Edwin said.

President Clarice Lay Zi Wei said the IG has plans for a service-learning project to bond its existing and new members.

“Playing handball gives me the adrenaline rush, training sessions are so fulfilling, and my team is simply amazing as we are so supportive of one another,” she said.


This article was contributed by Republic Polytechnic.

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