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Alex Loh and Ava photo: Alex Loh family

Former national athlete and proud dad believes in power of sport

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Alex Loh and Ava photo: Alex LohAlex Loh and his daughter Ava. Photo: Alex Loh

Alex Loh, 41, is an entrepreneur who runs his own business with a key focus on recovery, wellness and optimisation. He is also the proud dad of Ava Loh, who is 18 months old.

Being a former national athlete, Alex spent a good part of his life playing in a team sport and competing at a high level in water polo. He shared that he will definitely expose his child to sports in general, as well as team sports, regardless of whether she excels in them.

This is because he believes that the introduction in itself and being immersed in the team camaraderie builds character. Many other positive life skills can also be learned through sports, including discipline and responsibility, leadership, learning about failure and success, and working in a team with other individuals.

Through sports, one can also learn about goal setting, vision alignment, conflict management with teammates and the authorities, and very importantly, empathy.

When asked what are some of the challenges that he faced while trying to keep fit and healthy after he retired from the sport, Alex shared: “Training 11 times a week meant I had a very healthy calorie intake and food consumption, so I think the main challenge was managing a reduced food intake with no or little training. Finding a balance between nutrition and keeping active was one and the other was being comfortable with not being and looking as fit and lean as when I was competing.”

Alex Loh and Ava photo: Alex LohAlex believes in an all rounded education which means letting kids try everything. Photo: Alex Loh

For parents who are looking to raise healthy and active toddlers, Alex shared that he believes in an all rounded education; which means letting kids try everything ranging from racquet sports to invasion team games, ball games, solo activities and combat sports. He also said that it is good for them to be involved in activities that would bring them outdoors and be closer to nature.

Alex stood by these conscientiously when he was still competing as a national athlete: training, nutrition and recovery (sleep). Nowadays, his fitness routine is obviously different since he is no longer competing. On top of that, he has had to make modifications so that he can spend more time with his daughter.

Alex Loh photo: Alex LohAlex during his active competition days. Photo: Alex Loh

Alex said: “One of the major life-changing decisions I made after Ava was born was to leave full time employment to start my own business. My wife and I value family time and the ability to have a flexible schedule to watch my little girl grow up was something we opted for.”

“My fitness routine before Ava was born included almost daily fitness activities comprising spinning, running, boxing, swimming, water polo and other high intensity training before or after work. Now, I plan my workouts to fit when Ava is awake. Hence, my exercise routine is usually done at home with my own running and HIIT before Ava wakes up. That's when I change and feed her just before heading to work. I choose not to exercise after work because I want to be home to put Ava to bed,” Alex added.

Alex Loh and family photo: Alex LohAlex and his family. Photo: Alex Loh

Ava is still a little too young for Alex and her to be exercising together but they do spend time doing exercise-type activities like playing at the swimming pool and running around throwing or kicking a ball at the park or playground.

For parents who wish to play sports or exercise with their young kids, Alex had this last piece of advice: “I think it is important for parents to show enthusiasm and look like they are enjoying it as well. It doesn’t matter if you are not good at that particular activity because every experience with a new sport or exercise should be a fun one for that positive association for the young ones.”


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