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Anders Aplin Rachel Wong Valentines Day myActiveSG workout

5 Affordable Date Ideas This Valentines Day for Couples to Stay Active

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Love is in the air. If you are looking for some fun ideas to jazz up your love life to break the monotony of bringing your partner to just another expensive dinner date, here are five ideas on how you can spend Valentines Day in a more meaningful yet sexy way.


Anders Aplin Rachel Wong Valentines Day myActiveSGAnders Aplin and Rachel Wong. Photo credit: Instagram @andersalps 

As the saying goes, couples who workout together, stay together. It is scientifically proven that exercise not only boosts your body’s immunity, but also improves your body’s defence against infections.

Couple workouts are not only a great way of spending your Valentines’ Day by getting fitter, but also helps you to feel closer to your partner over time.

Cardiovascular exercises in particular, if done for at least 15-30 minutes for 3-5 times a week, coupled with good nutrition and sufficient rest, significally enhances your ability to manage stress at work. 

Need a place to workout with your partner this Valentines Day? Here are some cool places we recommend you try!

ActiveSG Sport Centres: ActiveSG’s Sport Centres offer a comprehensive range of studio programmes for all fitness levels. Not just for individuals, but also for couples as well! If you and your partner enjoy the experience, why not bring your family along to exercise there too after Valentines Day? Find out more here.

Grit Yard: A Fitness Studio that offers workouts led by former Team Singapore athletes, Grit Yard is known for its hugely popular HIIT classes throughout the week. Definitely worth a try if you are looking for something to up your fitness levels! Find out more here.

Off Duty Pilates
: The first Pilates Studio in Singapore to offer hybrid classes featuring Reformer and TRX Suspension Trainers – the perfect combination to sculpting a strong and lean body! Find out more here.

Trium Fitness: From Aerial Yoga to Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, HIIT Yoga , and even Muay Thai and KpopX fitness and HIIT Yoga, Trium Fitness offers a full suite of activities for you to get fit and have loads of fun with your partner. Find out more here.

Anders Aplin Rachel Wong Valentines Day myActiveSGAnders Aplin and Rachel Wong. Photo credit: Instagram @andersalps 


Why must it always be expensive dinners and eating out on Valentine’s Day? There is nothing more romantic than an evening in with your loved one, preparing a meal of your own and baking something delicious! 

Instead of taking on the burden and stress of preparing the entire meal yourself, we recommend that couples bake something together.

There are also plenty of healthy meal ideas when it comes to preparing a meal or baking, which we certainly advocate. Find out the importance of good nutrition, and also 10 healthy foods to include in your diet


Delvin Goh Singapore Slingers Valentines DayDelvin Goh in action for Singapore Slingers. Photo credit:

One of the less popular choices in Singapore for a date night, that is pretty popular in North America and pretty much every other big city in the world , is to catch a sports event as a couple on date night. 

The beauty of it? You don’t even need to be a big sports fan or understand the rules of the sport to enjoy the match and simply soak in the buzz and excitement of the atmosphere! 

There is also the small matter of a big ASEAN Basketball League basketball match happening at OCBC Arena, Singapore Sports Hub this Valentines Day! A causeway rivalry between Singapore Slingers and the Kuala Lumpur Dragons, with bragging rights at stake! A great way to try something different and get your blood pumping before the rest of your romantic evening.

Tickets to the Slingers' match are available here.


Anders Aplin Rachel Wong Valentines Day myActiveSGAnders Aplin and Rachel Wong. Photo credit: Instagram @andersalps 

Did we mention before that bringing your dog out for a walk is actually great exercise? If you have regular trouble sticking to an exercise program, there is research that shows that dogs are nature’s best personal trainers!

Not something you may have heard of before, but this is an activity that is suitable for people of all fitness levels, and also gives you and your partner the chance to work off a bit of the extra chocolate mousse cake you had for dinner. 


Team Nila Valentines Day

Now before you scratch your head and wonder how the heck is volunteering a romantic activity, let me just say this: What better way to share love on Valentines Day – the day of love – by doing so together as a couple and giving back to people in need? 

This rings true particularly during this period of the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus from Wuhan, that has seen Singapore in need of more volunteers to help out now more than ever – not just for mask distribution, but also in giving back in terms of food supplies.

Register as a Volunteer here, or find out more about Team Nila, a national sport volunteer movement, where you and your loved one can share the love this Valentines Day and beyond.