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Mega Adventure Park Sentosa John Yeong Eliza Chong Duncan Elias Sport Singapore Ambassadors family

A Mega Adventure: GetActive! Adventure Reality Series @ Sentosa

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It is Team Red versus Team White in Singapore’s first ever Adventure Reality Series featuring sports and fitness personalities as we count down to Singapore’s National Day, as part of GetActive! Singapore commemorating Singapore’s Bicentennial!

In episode 1, Team Red comprising sports presenters John Yeong and Duncan Elias, and Team Singapore beach volleyball athlete Eliza Chong; square off against Team White led by Sports Editor Gary Yang, joined by national basketballer and Singapore Slingers' Delvin Goh, and national hurdler Kerstin Ong.

It’s a battle of athleticism and courage, as the two teams overcome three obstacles at Mega Adventure Park Singapore, Sentosa: the Mega Climb, the Mega Jump, and the Mega Zip. 

All in a bid to secure three clues that will reveal to them the next destination for their race.

Mega Adventure Park Sentosa Delvin Goh Sport Singapore Ambassador
Team Singapore national basketballer and Singapore Slingers' Delvin Goh moments before his Mega Jump for Team White.

Mega Adventure Park Sentosa Eliza Chong Sport Singapore Ambassador National beach volleyballer Eliza Chong completing the Mega Zip for Team Red to finish first in episode 1 of GetActive! Adventure Reality Series @ Sentosa.

Mega Adventure Park Sentosa Gary Yang SportSG ambassadors Sports editor Gary Yang taking on the first leg of the race at Mega Adventure Park Singapore, Sentosa for Team White in the GetActive! Adventure Reality Series @ Sentosa.

Mega Adventure Park Sentosa John Yeong Sport Singapore Ambassador  Sports presenter and producer John Yeong, captain for Team Red, zipping across to claim the first clue for Team Red in the Sentosa Adventure Reality series.

Mega Adventure Park Sentosa Duncan Elias Sport Singapore Ambassadors Sports presenter Duncan Elias (Team Red) claims clue number two after completing Mega Jump for Team Red.

Mega Adventure Park Sentosa Gary Yang Delvin Goh Kerstin Ong SportSG Ambassadors Team White (from L-R): Gary Yang, Delvin Goh, Kerstin Ong finding their bearings after piecing together their three clues from Mega Adventure Singapore, Sentosa.

Mega Adventure Park Sentosa John Yeong Eliza Chong Duncan Elias Sport Singapore Ambassadors John Yeong, Eliza Chong and Duncan Elias of Team Red completing the Mega Adventure Park Challenge of the series, piecing together their clues for the next destination.

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