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Youths cherish lessons learnt at first of its kind League of Legends eSports Camp

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LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ESPORTS CAMPYouths from different backgrounds bonded over esports and forged strong friendships over the three days. Photo: *SCAPE

The first-of-its-kind League of Legends (LoL) EXP Summer Camp held in Singapore ended yesterday evening at *SCAPE with attendees praising organisers for its innovative programming which left them with freshly acquired esports industry knowledge and new friendships forged.

Organised by *SCAPE, this specially curated 3 days 2 nights camp from 27 to 29 June is part of *SCAPEesports’ Exposure & Xperience Programme 2019 (EXP2019) that attracted attendees between the ages 13 to 25.

Unlike regular esports camps that focus primarily on gameplay, the EXP2019 Summer Camp was designed to engage like-minded individuals through esports insights learning, gaming-related challenges and outdoor activities to help attendees forge deep friendships with teammates, acquire lifelong skills and achieve clarity about their potential in esports.

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ESPORTS CAMPAn Amazing Race at Sentosa was one of many offline highlights of the camp. Photo: *SCAPE

While most activities were held at youth hub *SCAPE in the heart of Orchard, a highlight of the EXP2019 Summer camp is a Amazing Race challenge at Sentosa where teams raced against the clock to score points at team challenges at 14 locations. There was also a character-building experience at Focus Adventure at Sentosa when attendees are required to work closely with teammates to conquer a 24 metres high challenge tower.

“Most of us come from different backgrounds and had never met, so it’s great that there were many fun games that allowed us to know our teammmates better and build up the camaraderie,” explained student Nicholas Tan, 23. “It was also great to have face-to-face interaction with fellow gamers that we previously only recognised by their online tags. On the first day, we really enjoyed ourselves in activities like Toobeez Challenge, Rebirth and Archery Tag and it was wonderful to have a day out at Sentosa on the second day. There were virtual prizes to be won in various challenges and over the three days, we learnt what matters most is to have fun and to win as a team.”

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ESPORTS CAMPOne on one coaching was one of the benefits of the camp. Photo: *SCAPE

Acting as mentors and coaches to camp attendees were professional gamers from Resurgence who guided the youths on game strategies and prepared them for an in-camp fun tournament. On the first and second days of the camp, industry experts like Resurgence team owner Jayf Soh, Gamestart executive Reuben Sim, Sin esports founder Darrell Sin also provided inspiring and insightful talks on the gaming industry and esports ecosystem.

Another key highlight for the attendees were listening to Resurgence pros like Samuel Chan who gave a talk on toxicity and tilt management.

“The virtual world and gaming can be toxic at times, but the pros provided many interesting examples where reacting to online banter or losing your cool will only worsen your performance,” said student Rohan Raj, 18. “The talk on Tilt Management has given me fresh insights on how to deal with gameplay stress while the DISC Personality test on the final day of the Camp helped me understand more about my personality and how to react to people in both the online and offline worlds.”

In addition to summer camps, EXP2019 is offering 40 workshops from July to December with modules ranging from in-game skills and tactics, cyber-wellness, content creation, streaming, commentary work and much more.

EXP2019 is a first-of-its-kind in Singapore where youths can experience a holistic esports programme to master in-game skills, cultivate appropriate online behaviors and explore their passion for the industry. Aspiring esports individuals will also be empowered to foster the growth of esports communities at *SCAPE.