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Team Singapore beats Iran on final day of Davis Cup

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shaheed alam davis cupShaheed Alam of Team Singapore got the team to a great start enroute to beating Iran in the 7th to 8th playoff. Photo: Sport Singapore

Team Singapore has beaten Iran on the final day of the Davis Cup, emerging as 2-1 winners of the tie in the 7th to 8th playoff.

Shaheed Alam of Team Singapore got the team to a great start as he defeated Hesam in two straight sets 6-3, 6-2. Steve Ng was unable to keep the momentum going though, losing narrowly to Shahin 6-4, 7-6, 7-6 after three sets.

It all came down to the doubles match where Shaheed and Roy emerged victorious with the final score of 6-3, 6-2, to end the tournament on a winning note.

"Even though we were in the tougher group up with Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Kuwait, it's really luck of the draw, but the team performance was pretty good. In the past when we went up at group three, we were getting thrashed but I can see that the level is really going up. This is a good team, and we hope next year we can have the same line up, but I know that the players have other commitments like NS, and so we might have to groom up the next generation of players," said Coach Daniel Heryanto.

Coach Heryanto said of the significance of the Davis Cup to his team: "It's the most elite, prestigious team competition, and it's on the next level from other tournaments. You're not playing an individual battle but representing your country and fighting your very best."

Roy Hobbs and Steve Ng Davis CupTeam Singapore tennis player Steve Ng (right) lost narrowly to Shahin of Iran. Photo: Sport Singapore

"Overall I don't think we could've performed any better. Results-wise we can't guarantee, but we definitely put out the best we could. Sometimes that's just sports, close calls, close margins, we just did the best we could and we don't get this every day. So we just tried to embrace the whole feeling and enjoy it. For today I think I ended Davis cup pretty well, by winning my singles and doubles match, and yesterday I won my singles. I'm very happy with the performances throughout this whole Cup, and I think the team also did very well and we are right up there with some of the region's best," said Shaheed Alam.

"For me it is a huge honour to play the Davis Cup. There is no greater honour than to represent your country on the international stage as not every kid gets to do that. When I just started playing tennis at 7 or 8, I was already looking up to these players in the Davis Cup, and it's a fantastic honour that I think the team is also grateful for - this opportunity to represent the country."