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7 reasons to catch the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens news

7 reasons to catch the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens

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7 reasons to catch the HSBC Singapore Rugby SevensPhoto: Reuters

With February drawing to a close and April inching its way closer, we all know what this means - the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens will be upon us faster than you can say “try”! If you haven’t bought your tickets to watch the series, here are 7 reasons why you should!

1. It’s rugby, but it’s different

A normal rugby union match has 15 players, but the Rugby Sevens has only seven. As the games are shorter, the players tend to move faster and seize every opportunity to score, making the match even more exciting to watch!

2. Have fun guessing the winner

New Zealand may dominate the Rugby World Cup but it’s a different story when it comes to the Sevens. While Fiji may have smashed the 2017-2018 series with five titles, countries such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand took home at least one trophy each. In this current series, things are even more intense as both the All Blacks and the United States’ Eagle Sevens are neck and neck with 76 points each; while Fiji is in third place with 72 points.

3. Olympic Qualification

There is so much at stake for this year’s Seven series as the games will form the principal qualification route for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The top four ranked countries of this series will qualify for the as well as a quota team from each continent whereas the rest of the teams will have to go through a regional championships process.

4. Experience the Sevens

Friends of Rugby (from L to R), Luke Lee, Umehara Keiji, Victoria Cheng, Claire Jedrek, Natalie Dau and Paul Foster together with eight local children from rugby clubs in Singapore pose for a photo with former New Zealand All Blacks Sevens rugby player, Murphy Taramai and former South African Sevens team-member Carel du Preez. They were joined by Dreamworks Trolls characters, Poppy and BranchPhoto: Sport Singapore

The HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens promises fun-filled activities not just for rugby fans but for everyone of all ages. Sport Singapore and the Singapore Sports Hub are partnering with Dreamworks to bring about an interactive experience for the little ones during the Sevens weekend.

5. Bring your #Squadgoals to a whole new level

rugby 7sPhoto: Sport Singapore

Do you have a squad of friends who share the same passion for rugby as you do? Take your squad goals to a whole new level by dressing up in funky outfits, after all, fancy dress has always been synonymous with rugby matches so why not? At least you don’t have to wait till Halloween to pull out your best costume to wear!

6. Find out what kind of a fan you are

Are you a rugby fan that is always dressed in the latest full kit for a match, or are you the loud one cheering and shouting even before the match starts? You can check out what type of a rugby fan you are here, and then head on down to the Sevens match to find out if you are really the type of fan you think you are.

7. Hotties at Rugby

7 reasons to catch the HSBC Singapore Rugby SevensPhoto: Sport Singapore

Saving the best for last - as we all know some of the hottest men in the world are rugby players, here are seven that we have shortlisted. However, seeing as beauty is often in the eyes of the beholder, and you may not agree with our pick; hence why not personally pick out your very own favourite hottie at the match itself?

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