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11 signs that show that you are a hardcore Rugby Fan

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rugby fansPhoto: Sport Singapore

Having already met the 8 types of rugby fans that there are at every rugby match, here’s the one fan that we decided to delve in a little deeper than the rest - the hardcore ones. Think you or your friend is a hardcore, die-hard rugby fan?

Check out these 11 signs and see if you recognise any one of them.

1. You’re such a big rugby fan that it does not matter who your office Secret Santa is because you’d always end up with a rugby-related gift to add onto your collection.

2. If you have ever thought of bringing your partner to a rugby game on a date night all because you do not want to miss the match; and also because you are more into rugby than dating, then yes you are definitely a hardcore fan.

3. The first thing you do when you get your hands on the television remote is to scroll through ALL the sports channels for any rugby game that is streaming on telly, live or broadcasted, it does not matter as long as it is rugby.

4. Your cupboard is full of rugby shirts, full kits and whatnots, but the thing here is, you are a hardcore fan only if you own these apparels and merchandises from teams that you do not even support.

5. You constantly find yourself following new rugby fan pages on your social media pages, scrolling through and liking their posts whenever you can.

6. You have a reddit account that follows /r/rugbyunion and deep down inside you know that this page is definitely the holy grail of all things rugby.

7. You start noticing that your closest friends are all mad about rugby too. You find yourselves often gathering at someone’s house to watch a rugby match on television and chug beers over the weekend. Then, you’ll find yourselves shouting at the television during a game when things just don’t seem to be going your way.

rugby referee photo: reuters 

A rugby referee at work. Photo: Reuters

8. You get mad when the referee consults the Television Match Official aka TMO to ascertain if a kick went between the posts, because let’s face it, consulting a TMO ruins the flow of the match and kills your vibe. You are here to watch the rugby match, not watch how much greener the grass on the field can grow.

9. Pretty much all of your money is spent on rugby-related merchandises, from rugby tickets to rugby shirts to even a subscription for a sports magazine that features rugby-related news.

10. You plan on taking wedding pictures surrounding the theme of rugby with your partner, that is if your partner is agreeable to it of course. Ultimately, still a dream you’d like to have.

11. Last but not least, if you are not playing, watching or talking about rugby, you’re most probably thinking about it.

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