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Floorball 101 How to Shoot in Floorball workout

Floorball 101: How to shoot in floorball

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Team Singapore Floorballer Tng Zong Wei shows us the two different ways to shoot in floorball as well shares some tips to improve our floorball shooting technique.

1.     Wrist Shot

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and have the ball equidistant from both your feet, forming a triangle with your feet. When executing the shot, swing your wrist quickly while moving your torso forward to generate power for the shot. Follow through with your shot. Make sure your follow through is straight and pointed to where you want the shot to go and not too high.

Floorball 101 How to Shoot in FloorballHost Duncan Elias attempts a shot after being taught by Team Singapore floorballer Tng Zong Wei. Photo: SportSG

2.     Drag Shot

This shot is used when you want to release the shot while running with the ball. You start this shot when the ball is behind you. Drag the ball all the way to your center. Once it reaches your center, accelerate your stick and release it directly like a wrist shot.

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