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Buddy Workout Partner Workout Barbara Latimer Kenneth Seow workout

Fitness 101: Six Buddy Workout Ideas to do with a Partner

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Looking to workout together with a buddy? Here are six easy to do workout ideas with a partner you can implement into your routines courtesy Sport Singapore ambassadors Barbara Latimer, Kenneth Seow, Natalie Dau, Cheryl Loh, Lim Yaoxiang, and That Uncle Sam!

1.     Medicine ball sit ups

Lie down on the ground with your buddy and interlock your ankles together. Do sit-ups while passing the medicine ball to your buddy when both of you are up. Make sure to not throw the ball too hard or slam your head too hard on the ground

 Buddy Workout Partner Workout Barbara Latimer Kenneth Seow

Barbara Latimer (left) and Kenneth Seow demonstrating medicine ball sit-up. Photo: Sport Singapore

2.     Push-up with a tap

You and your buddy will start in the push-up position, facing each other. Each time both you and your buddy do one push-up, you will tap hands with each other, alternating hands after each push-up.


3.     Plank jump over

You and your buddy will take turn doing planks. When one of you is in the plank position, the other will do two tuck jumps over the person in plank.

 Buddy Workout Partner Workout Natalie Dau Cheryl Loh Fit

Natalie Dau (left) and Cheryl Loh demonstrating leg circles for buddy workout. Photo: Sport Singapore

4.     Medicine ball squats

Stand facing your buddy  while one of you holds on to the medicine ball. Squat and move towards the same direction as your buddy. After each completed squat, the one holding the medicine ball will toss the ball to your buddy.


5.     Leg Circles

Lie down on the ground, flat on your back with your buddy. Your legs will be side by side, facing opposite directions. Lift your legs off the ground and draw circles around your buddy’s legs. Keep your legs straight for this exercise and switch up between going clockwise and anti-clockwise.

 Buddy Workout Partner Workout That Uncle Sam Lim Yao Xiang

Samuel Lim aka "That Uncle Sam" (left) and Lim Yao Xiang demonstrating the single leg hop. Photo: Sport Singapore

6.     Partners Single Leg Hop

You and your buddy will face each other and raise the same leg up to form a 90 degree angle. Hold each other’s ankles and keep them still. Once the both of you are steady, start jumping together. Make sure you and your buddy are jumping around the same height and not too high.

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