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That Uncle Sam Barbara Latimer Fitness 101 workout

Fitness 101: HIIT Dumbbell workout for beginners with Samuel Lim

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SportSG’s (Fitness) ambassador Samuel Lim gives us a simple HIIT dumbbell workout to work our arms, core and legs!

1.     Squats

Hold one dumbbell on each hand and lean the weight on your shoulders. Keep your core tight at all times with your belly button pointing forward and tailbone tucked in. Take a deep breath in and squatting down, exhale when coming up. Do this exercise while tip-toeing to increase difficulty.

2.     Lateral Raise

Raise a dumbbell over your head and lean towards one side as far as you can. Inhale when leaning, exhale when coming back up. Hold dumbbell on one hand, inhale and lean downwards towards the ground as low as you can, exhale and lift yourself back up.

3.     Dumbbell Snatches

Place the dumbbell slightly in front of you, between your legs. Keeping your back straight, squat and pick up the dumbbell with your legs and with one swift motion raise the dumbbell straight up until your arm is outstretched upwards. Alternate your hands in this exercise, you can switch the weight either in mid-air or on the ground.

That Uncle Sam Barbara Latimer Fitness 101Barbara Latimer and Samuel Lim demonstrating the squats. Photo: SportSG

4.     Burpees

Burpees with a dumbbell in each of your hands. Make sure to not round your back. When going down, place dumbbell on the ground, kick legs out and do a pushup. Kick legs back in and stand up.

5.     Tricep Extenstion

Hold the dumbbells in your hands at chest level. Starting with one hand, rotate it around the other arm. To increase difficulty, rotate with both arms together. When you are tired, instead of stopping, continue with the exercise with your hands above your head.

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