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Fitness 101 Yao Xiang Grit Yard Sport Singapore Ambassador workout

Fitness 101: Full Body Workout Ideas To Get Those Killer Six Packs

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Former Team Singapore swimmer and water polo athlete Lim Yao Xiang shares with us some simple and effective full body workout exercises to help you achieve the six-pack abs you have always wanted!

1.       Back Raises and Push Ups

Lie flat with your face towards the ground with your arms and legs fully extended. Lift your arms and legs off the ground together. Bring hands inwards to beside your chest to move on to the push-ups.

2.       Mountain Climbers and Shoulder Taps

Staying in push up position, bring your knees towards your elbows alternately for six counts. Tap your shoulders one after the other before going back to mountain climbers.

3.       Half Burpee

Another exercise that starts from a push up position; bring your knees forward into a half squat and kick your legs out to get back into push up position. Remember to keep your chest up and hold your core.

Fitness 101 Yao Xiang Grit Yard Sport Singapore AmbassadorHost Barbara Latimer demonstrating the back raise under the watchful eye of Lim Yao Xiang. Photo: SportSG

4.       Push Up and Kick Out

Do your push up as close as possible to the floor, bring your knees towards your arms and kick out explosively.

5.       Squats and Squat Jacks

Start with normal half squats and move on to squat jacks where you will jump slightly from the half squat position and tap your feet together.

6.       High Knees and Quick Feet

Jog on the spot with your knees raised; remember to swing your elbows while doing so

7.       Hollow hold

Lie flat on your back on the ground, keeping the area of the tailbone flat on the ground. Straighten your legs and lift your heels off the ground. Keep your core engaged throughout the exercise, rest by bringing your knees closer to your body and extend it back straight when you are ready.

Try out these exercises the next time you are looking to do a full body workout! For more workout ideas and tips by our fitness ambassadors, make sure to like and subscribe our GetActive TV YouTube, myActiveSG Facebook and GetActive TV instagram for more Fitness 101!