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Floorball 101 passing Duncan Elias Ong swee ling workout

Floorball 101: Floorball Passing Techniques

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In this episode of Floorball 101 for beginners, Team Singapore Floorballers Ong Swee Ling and Yeo Xuan give us a rundown on the basic techniques to passing in floorball.

When making a ground pass, the four main points to take note when performing a ground pass are:

       1.     Bend your knees

       2.     Lean forward

       3.     Close your blade

       4.     Keep your blade close to the ball

 This gives the player a lower centre of gravity and better balance as well as ensure that the ball stays on the ground and not fly upwards when making the pass.

Floorball 101 passing Duncan Elias Ong swee lingSports Presenter Duncan Elias tries a pass as Team Singapore floorballer Ong Swee Ling looks on. Photo: SportSG

 Besides the basic ground pass, there are also 2 types of lob passes:  

 The “Drag” lob pass

This pass starts with bringing the ball backwards with your stick before dragging it forwards and pushing the ball upwards.

The “Wrist” lob pass

 This way of making a lob pass requires you to open the blade of your stick and hitting the ball while using your wrist to execute a flicking motion.

 Now that you have learned the basics and different types of passing, the next step is learning how to receive a pass.

Floorball 101 passing yeo xuan singaporeTeamSG floorballer Yeo Xuan demonstrating "The Kill" when receiving the ball. Photo: SportSG

 There are two ways of receiving a pass:

 The “Kill”

Used to stop the ball in its track and traps the ball under the blade. This way of receiving is commonly used when you intend to take a shot or make a pass immediately after receiving the ball

The “Cushioning”

Used to receive the ball on the while on the go, you move your stick backwards to where the ball is coming from to allow you to control the ball and transition to dribbling the ball smoothly.

Practicing and mastering these fundamentals will allow you to improve your passing as well as control of the floorball during your game.

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