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Fitness 101 Natalie Dau Barbara Latimer Sport Singapore ambassador grityard activesg workout

Fitness 101: 10-minute kettlebell workout for Women with Natalie Dau

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Ladies, if you are looking for a quick and simple kettlebell workout, our fitness ambassador Natalie Dau has five exercises you can try to incorporate into your workout routine!

1.       Kettlebell Swing

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and loosely grab the kettlebell with two hands; swing the kettlebell back through your legs and raise it up in front of you. Remember to use your hips for this exercise and not your arms. You do not need to fully extend your arms and can keep them relaxed.

2.       Lunges

Flip the kettlebell around to do the lunges. Take a step backwards, bend your knees and gently tap the knee of your back leg on the ground. When you are coming up, push through your front heel to work your glutes.

Fitness 101 Natalie Dau Barbara Latimer Sport Singapore ambassador grityard activesgFitness ambassador Natalie Dau (right) with five kettlebell workouts for women, in this series hosted by Barbara Latimer. Photo: SportSG

3.       Press

Hold the kettlebell with one arm at your shoulder height and tuck your elbow in. Using your legs to push up, you want to fully extend your arm and lift the kettlebell upwards. The end position should be a relaxed one and not too tensed. Remember to pick a kettlebell of a suitable weight that you can manage when doing this exercise.

4.       Deadlifts

Stand with your legs slightly apart and hold the kettlebell with two hands; slightly bend your knees, tuck and fully extend as you lift the kettlebell. Keep your back straight and feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

Fitness 101 Natalie Dau Barbara Latimer Sport Singapore ambassador grityard activesgNatalie Dau demonstrates a row as Barbara Latimer looks on. Photo: SportSG

5.       Rows

Stand with your feet square and hip-width apart; lean forward and hold the kettlebell with one hand and let it hang down in front of your leg. Bring the kettlebell upwards towards your body, bending your elbow as you do it. Remember to not put your other hand on your thighs when doing this exercise.

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