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CoachSG conference 2019 news

Coaching for the Future: Making a Difference

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Organised by Sport Singapore (SportSG), the third edition of the CoachSG Conference saw the largest turnout since its inception in 2017, with some 500 participants coming together at Republic Polytechnic for a host of activities aimed at improving the quality of coaching. The Conference took a closer look at coaches’ roles as mentors, role models and cultivating lifelong interest in sport.

CoachSG conference 2019Photo: CoachSG

Themed Coaching Better Every Day: Shaping the Future, the Conference is one of the many ways in which CoachSG works with coaches to enhance their competency and skill sets, enabling them to stay relevant in the constantly evolving sporting landscape of today and to prepare them to be leaders in the sporting ecosystem.

Safe Sport Commission

Officiating the event as Guest-of-Honour, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu, announced the establishment of the Safe Sport Commission. She said, “The Safe Sport Commission will play an important role in safeguarding and promoting ethical practices in sport. I would like to urge everyone to give the Commission their fullest support. Our coaches must also remember that they are responsible for the safety and well-being of their charges. To uphold public trust and confidence, a high standard of professionalism is expected of them. As we continue in our journey to make Singapore a sporting nation, we must work together to create a safe and conducive environment for everyone to enjoy sport.”

The Commission will act as an advisory panel for matters related to education, prevention of sexual harassment, risk assessment and reporting management. It will also provide advice on independent inquiries as well as provide advisory support in matters relating to safe sport.

Headed by Ms Chan Yen San, Partner at KPMG, the Commission comprises members with diverse expertise selected from various organisations, including National Sport Associations, corporate leaders, and government agencies as well as members of the sporting fraternity.

Speaking to media at the Conference, Ms Chan said: “We recognise the importance of creating a safe environment in sport. This is a responsibility shared by all involved in sport from the National Sports Associations (NSAs) and employers to parents, teachers and coaches alike. The Safe Sport Commission will work towards strengthening the Safe Sport framework, policies and processes as well as establishing best practices and safeguards for the sporting fraternity. Where necessary – the Commission will step in to advise on further enhancements. We hope for zero incidents and this is a pro-active first step in creating a national system and a safe environment for all participants of sport.”

Singapore Coach Medallion (SCM)

Minister Fu also launched the Singapore Coach Medallion (SCM), which aims to recognise exemplary coaches who have gone beyond their call of duty to make a positive difference in society through sport, who inspire everyone to care and excel as a community. The introduction of the SCM is to bring out real stories in our community where our coaches make a difference in the lives of our people.

During her speech, Minister Fu highlighted an example of an inspiring individual, Mr Arumugam Kaliappan, who started a football interest group for students in his school who were unable to make it in the school team. Mr Arumugam provided the students with resources by leveraging on his network and contacts. He remains a mentor to many of his former students.

Sport Singapore CEO Lim Teck Yin, said: “I would like to congratulate all the Singapore Coach Medallion recipients for their exemplary professionalism and dedication to the calling of a coach. Coaches are the multipliers in our sporting landscape. Through their demeanour, their wisdom and their values they impact the beliefs, behaviours, and skills of many. It is not difficult therefore to fathom the profound difference they make in our community and society.”

The two-day conference also features keynotes on topics relevant to coaching such as leadership, sport science and technology, as well as skills and experience.