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Yang Ze Yi (杨泽艺) / Jayden Tan (陈慨阳)/ Nathaniel Chua Jun Kai (蔡俊凯) and Coach Hu Yawen photo: STTA news

Jayden Ze Yi and Nathaniel finish top at the 2019 Asia Youth Invitational Table Tennis Tournament

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Yang Ze Yi (杨泽艺) / Jayden Tan (陈慨阳)/ Nathaniel Chua Jun Kai (蔡俊凯) and Coach Hu Yawen photo: STTAYang Ze Yi (second from left), Jayden Tan (third from left), Nathaniel Chua Jun Kai (third from right) and Coach Hu Yawen (second from right). Photo: STTA

The invitational tournament attracted over 150 participants from 9 cities: Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Hu Nan China, Suzhou China, Zhejiang China, Sanya China and Xiamen China.

Our Singapore junior players: Jayden Tan (陈慨阳), Yang Ze Yi (杨泽艺) and Nathaniel Chua Jun Kai (蔡俊凯) finished top in the U12 Boys’ Team event at the Asia Youth Table Tennis Invitational Tournament, Hong Kong, which concluded today.

Their team mates Joel Ng Jun Hao (黄浚豪), Daniel Zang Shi (臧适) and Wayne Chiang (张蔚宏) finished Top 8 in the U12 Boys’ Team event.

For the U 12 Boys’ singles event Jayden Tan and Yang Ze Yi finished in the 3rd position and 5th position respectively.

Daniel Zang and Joel finished Top 3 and Top 5 in their U11 singles event.


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