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Family Fun at Spartan Stadion

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spartan stadionPhoto: Sport Singapore


Over 7227 attendees of all ages and sizes converged at the National Stadium on Sunday morning to take part in Spartan Stadion.

To the uninitiated, a Spartan race is an obstacle course race where you compete against other athletes to complete the course in the shortest possible time. Oftentimes the obstacles include mud and water challenges but in a “Spartan Stadion” race those elements are substituted by steel, concrete and lots and lots of leg work!

2674 adult racers tested themselves against the grueling 5km, 20-obstacle course; which included Monkey Bars, Box Jumps and the Atlas Carry, an obstacle where competitors have to lift a 45 kg concrete ball.

Spartan StadionPhoto: Sport Singapore

“There’s something fascinating and raw about racing in a stadium” said Elite female winner, Magdalena Cvetkovic after the race. “Things are not always as glamorous as they look like. What you can’t see on the picture is the hard training, suffering, double-training days designed to fit around my full time job in finance, running injuries, hurting hands, missing toe nails and nightmares. If you want to be successful you just have to suck it up!”

For the 1230 mini-warriors it was a chance to emulate mom and dad through their own scaled down obstacle race.

One of these mini-spartans, Jada Ivah Mohamed Ahsik, thought that the race was amazing and that he truly enjoyed himself and is excited for his next race.

Spartan StadionPhoto: Sport Singapore

Parent and Spartan Stadion racer, Ima Hussein has this to add: “As parents and a racer myself, I always find comfort knowing the entire Spartan Community is always there cheering and encouraging all the kids racers. That is a strong partnership between SPARTAN and parents. Its assuring me that I can still complete my race without worrying for my child.“

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