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Kenneth Seow Sport Singapore ambassador news

Kenneth Seow: A leap of faith onto the fitness train

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Sport Singapore welcomes its second batch of brand ambassadors! They are your everyday Singaporeans, tackling the same demands of life as you do, but SportSG's newest sport and fitness influencers also hold a strong belief that sport can inspire us to live better. Get to know them in our feature series here!

Newly-appointed Sport Singapore brand ambassador Kenneth Seow might boast an impressive physique and level of fitness, but the unassuming 29-year-old is no professional athlete, referring to himself as an “average Joe”.

Believing that getting fit required neither superior athletic abilities nor experience in competitive sport, Kenneth now hopes to inspire more regular people to pick up fitness through his new role with SportSG.

He expressed: “If people are intimidated by the prospect of getting into fitness, then I want to be that someone who says: ‘Hey guys, everyone can get fit! You don’t have to be a national athlete or [aim to be] super fit to start.’”

While Kenneth had spent the majority of his life as a sport enthusiast, playing football as a kid and picking up dragon-boating during his time in polytechnic, it wasn’t until he was older that he began taking an interest in calisthenics – bodyweight exercises that draw influence from basic gymnastic movements.

Kenneth Seow Sport Singapore ambassadorPhoto: SportSG

Seven months ago, he decided to make a bigger commitment to fitness, leaving his corporate job to become a full-time personal trainer.

Partly inspired by his fiancée’s efforts within the fitness industry, he described the decision as a “leap of faith”.

Revealing that she was a former professional ballerina who had co-founded a local ballet fitness studio, he explained: “She enjoyed [teaching the classes] so much so I thought, why not just give it a try? I’ve also been doing sports since I was a kid, so it was already something I was very comfortable with.”

Sport Singapore AmbassadorPhoto: SportSG

Of course, with his front-row seat to his fiancée’s experience in her previous job, he witnessed the blood, sweat, and tears behind a ballerina’s moment of glory on stage.

It was then that he learnt to value the process rather than just the results, and became more motivated to help others to realise this too. And so, Kenneth highlights these to his clients, helping them to understand that every small fitness milestone achieved was a step in the right direction.

He elaborated: “Personally, I [chose a career in fitness] to stay healthy. But more than that, it’s also a sense of fulfilment when I’m able to help [my clients].”

Weighing company key performance indicators against the personal goals of his clients, the dedicated individual shared why he preferred focusing on the latter: “You are not just there to drill the person like an army sergeant.

You have an emotional attachment and want to try and help that person. Once you get to that goal, it’s actually quite fulfilling; you feel a sense of achievement!”

“You don’t have to lose 10kg or 20kg to feel happier. Sometimes losing 1kg, or simply accomplishing that little bit of exercise, you can also feel so much better in your day-to-day life. It makes you happier.”

Indeed, Kenneth believes that a healthy body would ultimately lead to a healthier mind. Emphasising that exercising often left a positive impact on one’s mental health, he lamented the fact that this aspect of fitness was often overlooked.

Kenneth Seow Sport Singapore ambassadorPhoto: SportSG

He remarked: “I get very restless when I don’t exercise, because it’s so ingrained in me already. I think that this lifestyle is something I want to impart to more people, which is why I stepped into this ambassador role.”

“Apart from the physical aspect, fitness also helps myself and people, my clients, on a mental level. Exercise not only keeps them fit, but also keeps them happy and keeps your mental health on a positive note!'

Join Kenneth in pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle by following him on Instagram (, and look out for more on the myActiveSG and SG Sports TV Facebook pages, and SportSG Instagram accounts - @sport_singapore and @sgsportstv!