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Top 5 cycling gadgets for avid riders

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Some people who cycle are just interested in the activity because it’s a good workout and also an amazing option for hiking or trekking. But if you’re an avid rider, you naturally want to attach only the best and most technologically advanced gadgets to your high-functioning bike.

High-Tech Cycling

Thanks to all the astounding progress that technology has made over the last decade, there are now a lot of devices that can take your pedaling to another level. Here are the top five.


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1. Cycle Computer

A high-performing bike computer is an impressive gadget than ups your game tremendously. Depending on what you’re looking for in such a device, you have the option of choosing from a wide range of features such as current, average and maximum speed, clock, ride time, trip distance, GPS and even a dual odometer.

These mini-computers are easy to install and operate, and when programmed correctly can provide you with tons of accurate and useful information about your routine. If you’re looking to improve your endurance and skills, installing one of these is a great way to do just that.

2. Laser Light

Bike lights have come a long way in the last few years. Nowadays, avid riders can choose to install a state of the art laser enhanced light. The most popular device in this category certainly has to be the BLAZE Laserlight, the result of an ambitious Kickstarter project proposed by Emily Brooke, a British designer, way back in 2012.

To prevent what is known as the ‘driver’s blind spot’ from provoking any more accidents, this nifty little gadget projects a bright green bicycle on the ground five to six meters in front of it. Other models project your very own bike lane on the ground for you, which is great for lighting your path but also making your presence on the street more noticeable. Thus, this is not just a simple illuminating signal, it’s a true life-saver.

3. Action Camera

As you may already know by now, action cameras are used in a variety of fields. And among them, there’s cycling as well. But why are they so handy when you’re on a bike?

Well, for one, they are a sure way to record your sessions and capture accidents when or if they occur. Secondly, they are easy to attach to your helmet or handlebars. In fact, you won’t even know they’re there.

Tech Radar points out the GoPro and the TomTom as top-tier manufacturers of all-purpose action cameras, but other big names in the game such as Olympus or Sony provide the market with worthy variations of this useful device.

4. LED Helmet

The next generation of bicycle helmets is here, and it does more than just protect your head. The newest helmet technology has them equipped with all the lights you will ever need on your bike, such as brake and turn signals, as well as visibility ones.

According to Forbes Magazine, this is one of the hottest gadgets of 2017. You can go for a quick pedal at night easily with such a piece of equipment and never worry about not being seen by other vehicles. This adds to the classic protection that a helmet offers you in the most innovative way.

5. Smart Lock

We’ve already established that you’re an avid rider. This also implies that your two-wheeler is part of a premium range of vehicles for it to keep up with your capabilities. In turn, this means that you most likely spent a pretty penny on it, so you want to guard it as best you can when you leave it unsupervised even for a few minutes.

This is where a high-tech bike lock comes most in handy. Not only is it smartphone operated, but it also recognizes you as you approach and unlocks. And in case of theft, it also has a GPS system that allows you to track your stolen bicycle with a margin of error of just three meters.


The more dedicated you are to biking, the more you will feel the need to use only top-tier devices and accessories so that you can obtain maximum benefits. And while these are by no means affordable, they are totally worth it for the simple fact of turning your regular routine into a premium experience.

By together with state of the art equipment, not only will you track your progress better and thus improve overall performance, but you will also be safer. Any serious cyclist knows that safety should always come first, so protect yourself and your bike with some of these amazing gadgets.



This article was contributed by Amanda Wilks.