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5 types of netball fans in Singapore

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With the M1 Asian Netball Championships coming up next month, we are excited to catch our national team live in action at the OCBC Arena, and are expecting many different groups of fans to pack the stands during the games.

From the over-enthusiastic young player to the clueless individual who’s just tagging along, find out which type of netball fan you are.

The budding netball player

Photo: Sport Singapore

Maybe you are a teenager, a competitive school player, and you usually attend games with a large and boisterous group.

That does not matter, because loud cheers are always welcome at a sporting match – especially when you are screaming your lungs out for the national team.

Who knows, you might just be the one playing on the court in a few years, and you would like the red and white sea of fans to be as noisily encouraging as possible too!

The young parent

Photo: Sport Singapore

You think it is a good idea to take your kids out to a game over the weekend, to give them some exposure to sport. What better match to catch than netball? After all, it is suitably athletic, not too violent, and set in an air-conditioned arena.

As the game draws on, you end up more interested in the intense action than your little ones, and make them take pictures with the national players after the match.

The sport photography enthusiast

Andy ChuaTeam Nila volunteer photographer Andy Chua. Photo: Sport Singapore

You are never seen without your extensive and expensive range of camera equipment, snapping away from the first to the final whistle.

Action photography is really not as easy as it looks, and it takes you lots of practice and framing in order to get that perfect shot – so every live sporting event is an opportunity for you to hone your skills and build your portfolio. Sport photography itself can also be considered a sport, wouldn’t you agree?

The sport fanatic

Photo: Sport Singapore

Basketball? Football? Swimming? You enjoy watching all of them live. Netball? Hell yeah, you are definitely down for that too.

After all, you get to catch exciting action and stay up-to-date on the latest results, without having to constantly hit “refresh” on the TeamSG Facebook page.

The FOMO one

You may not actually know what the sport is about, nor who the players are but… hang on, that girl in the bus stop ad looks familiar. It does not matter, though. You are only here because your friends are fans, and you have a fear of missing out – or FOMO.

The enthusiasm displayed by the rest of the supporters is infectious though, and you leave the game counting yourself as a fan too.


Maybe you can see yourself being a part of one of these groups, and even if you do not, we are sure you will have a good time at the M1 Asian Netball Championships, which will be held at the OCBC Arena from 1 to 9 September.

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