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Faiz Aman SportSG ambassador news

Faiz Aman: Fun, fulfilment, and fitness through dance

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Sport Singapore welcomes its second batch of brand ambassadors! They are your everyday Singaporeans, tackling the same demands of life as you do, but SportSG's newest sport and fitness influencers also hold a strong belief that sport can inspire us to live better. Get to know them in our feature series here! 

In a group dance setting, you would be able to pick Faiz Aman out almost immediately.

Not because the other dancers are doing the moves any differently, but because of the palpable joy and passion that radiates from his every move.

He has participated in Get Active! Singapore workout videos and led Singaporeans and ministers alike in mass dance sessions.

More importantly, he has found fulfilment through fitness.

Now, as one of SportSG’s newest ambassadors, the 31-year-old group fitness instructor is excited to make use of this new platform to bring the benefits of his beloved activity to a wider audience.

Whether it is expressing oneself through movement and music, meeting new people, or gaining inspiration and achieving all-round health, Faiz hopes that these benefits and his efforts can motivate the community to give such programmes a try.


Faiz Aman SportSG ambassador Photo: SportSG

Apart from running his own business, 120 Fitness, Faiz currently works closely with ActiveSG, travelling across to its island-wide sport centres to teach classes, covering a whole range of styles from the crowd-favourite Zumba to the latest in group fitness offerings, such as MegaDanz and Oxigeno.

“I try to master different formats. With every format I learn, I pick up new skills and techniques and apply them in my classes to ensure more fun and variety,” he explained.

However, while Faiz always had a passion for dance, copying moves from music videos as a child, he was not always fit, and he revealed that he had been through a sedentary phase before getting involved in the group fitness scene.

The passionate individual recounted: “I’ve loved dancing since I was a child, but only took it up properly – hip hop and a bit of ballroom – when I was in secondary school. But when I started National Service and entered the workforce after, I stopped dancing.”

“I began missing dance, and I wanted to get back in shape. Working in a corporate job took up a lot of time and energy and, after work, I just wanted to head home, have dinner, watch TV, and sleep,” he said.

To satisfy his yearning to dance, a friend took him to a Zumba class, and he has not looked back since.

Falling in love with group fitness and its colourful formats, he uncovered a whole new experience, deriving joy and fulfilment from this “vocation”, as he called it.

He expressed: “I feel like I have the best job – I get paid to do what I love! I’ve been an instructor for nearly five years, and I’ve never once woken up and complained about having to go to work. Every day, I feel like I need to share what I’ve experienced, to help people achieve their fitness goals!”

Faiz Aman SportSG ambassador Photo: SportSG

Indeed, to Faiz, dance is as good a sport as any, but with added appeal. It is a means of expression as well, a way for him to meet and collaborate with new people.

“I meet all kinds of people when I teach – that’s four or five classes a day. From time to time, I also work with other instructors; it’s quite interesting to meet instructors with different skills and backgrounds,” he continued, emphasising that group fitness was not only for the older crowd.

Faiz’ enthusiasm extends beyond his own domain, and he also enjoys trying new sports, citing climbing and ice skating as some of his hobbies.

As a SportSG ambassador, he now seeks to spread this zest for sport and life with Singaporeans, motivating them to start working out.

Sharing his aspirations for the community, he said: “I hope that more people will consider taking up fitness classes, or just going to the gym. If you find that it might be too big a step initially, then just head for a brisk walk – it’s already a good start.”

“You need to discover what your interests are by exploring. Sometimes, you might find that you’re not so good at a particular activity. But if you keep trying, you’ll get better. Who knows, you might pursue it further and take it full-time like I did!” Faiz shared.

Experience Faiz’ energy by following him on Instagram @faiz.aman. For more on all our ambassadors, stay tuned to @sport_singaporeand @sgsportstv on Instagram, and myActiveSG and SG Sports TV Facebook.

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