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Dawn Sim Sport Singapore ambassador news

Dawn Sim: Maintaining a balance by staying active

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Sport Singapore welcomes its second batch of brand ambassadors! They are your everyday Singaporeans, tackling the same demands of life as you do, but SportSG's newest sport and fitness influencers also hold a strong belief that sport can inspire us to live better. Get to know them in our feature series here!

Dawn Sim’s handle on Instagram is @thatmomoffour, but there is so much more to her than being a parent to her quartet of daughters, who are aged two, six, ten, and eleven.

She is the founder and instructor at Trium Fitness Studio, where she teaches yoga, pilates, and even high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes.

At times, she is also a wellness coach and motivational speaker, hosting workshops or seminars to share her fitness journey and various life experiences. With both work and family life keeping her busy, one may wonder where she finds the time to exercise, but she makes sure to set aside at least half an hour each day for some physical activity, and these range from aerial yoga, pilates, running, swimming, or CrossFit.

“The role of sports in my life is a way for me to feel rejuvenated, more alive. It does help me feel a lot more energetic, it helps me get connected to people, to my inner child, and helps me feel happier,” said Dawn.

Dawn Sim Sport Singapore ambassadorPhoto: SportSG

She competed in swimming and track and field in school, before turning to triathlons and marathons later in life. More recently, she begun a foray into trekking, scaling Mount Rinjani in Indonesia earlier this month.

Dawn added: “I don’t limit myself to sticking to the same activities, although my favourites are the select few. I’d do anything as long as there’s an inkling of fun in it!”

Staying fit has also gone a long way in helping her find balance in her life, and it became a pillar of strength during her early years of motherhood, when she found herself faced with feelings of loneliness and post-natal depression while living abroad.

“When you work out, you can’t help it, happy hormones just come out! That frequent working out was really what helped me manage my emotions and be able to take care of myself, so I’ll be able to care for my kids,” she shared.

“I think the people that I’ll reach out to [as a Sport Singapore ambassador], or [those] who would relate most closely to me, would be parents with kids. I’d be able to show them that it’s possible to hold a job, have a family, and stay fit at the same time,” she pointed out.


Dawn Sim Sport Singapore ambassador Photo: SportSG

Dawn does not do it all on her own though. While her husband is based overseas as a pilot with the Singapore Air Force, her parents and friends from the fitness community play important roles in supporting her.

With the SportSG ambassadorship as her new platform, Dawn will seek to lead by example and inspire more to follow in her footsteps, as she expressed: “I don’t teach my students something that I don’t do myself.”

She is also naturally excited by the idea of having a larger audience to whom she can communicate the importance of getting active and active ageing. “I’ve never, [in] close to 20 years being a teacher and instructor, ever heard someone say ‘I regret working out’. It always makes them feel better!” Dawn pointed out.


Dawn Sim Sport Singapore ambassador Photo: SportSG

“It’s an honour to have the support of SportSG, and my only hope is that I can live up to the expectations and be able to spread [this active] message across as wide as I can,” she stated.

Keep up with what Dawn is up to by following her on Instagram @thatmomoffour, and stay tuned to the myActiveSG Facebook page, SG Sports TV Facebook, and SportSG Instagram accounts - @sport_singapore and @sgsportstv for more!

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