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Tips for the World Cup

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For football fanatics, the World Cup would be a time of fun with family and friends.

With huge excitement for the World Cup taking place, we should also remember to take care of our health.

Experts suggested that to reduce the health risk and fully enjoy the month-long World Cup, fans should avoid regular activities like eating fatty foods, excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking. Incorporating physical activity and encouraging healthier snack options while watching the World Cup can also improve our health.


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Set a challenge for yourself to get moving during the season:

- Half time? Utilise that 15 minutes break to go for a walk or have a kick about the football with your family and friends.

- Try cycling, walking or taking the public transport to work instead of driving


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During the World Cup, it would be easy to snack more while watching the match. Here are some options on healthier snacking:

- Snacking on a variety of fruits, sliced carrots or cucumbers with a low-fat dip would be a great alternative to a calorie-filled bag of chips.

- Instead of normal chips, try making your own kale chips or banana chips ahead of the game.

- Thirsty? Don’t reach for that pint of beer, grab a glass of milk instead! Milk is a great beverage for rehydration containing a good portion of water molecules, apart from drinking actual water.

With these tips in mind, we can be sure to kick off our way to a great lifestyle!


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