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FIFA World Cup trophy image: FIFA World Cup Facebook news

The unofficial guide to surviving the World Cup for girlfriends and wives

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FIFA World Cup trophy image: FIFA World Cup Facebook FIFA World Cup Trophy. Photo: FIFA World Cup Facebook 

With the FIFA World Cup kicking off today in Russia, excitement and tensions are high, and the atmosphere is tense with heated discussions on who will win the coveted cup. Many football fans will fall off the grid, with their hearts and minds focused on the ongoing tournament. To the wives and girlfriends out there who are not football fans, here are some tips for your relationships to “survive” the World Cup.

1. Find a hottie

Instead of complaining about how you don’t understand the game or how boring the game is, google the players in each team! You might just find a football hottie to support to keep yourself engaged. But remember, keep this to yourself to avoid any misunderstandings with your man.

Cristiano Ronaldo image: FIFA World Cup Facebook  

Cristiano Ronaldo in action. Photo: FIFA World Cup Facebook

2. Do not ask questions during the game     

Imagine watching a movie and someone keeps asking why certain events are happening. Annoying? The same applies to football! Even if you do not know why the referees are making certain calls, especially the offside rule, google it instead of asking. If you have to ask, wait till half time or when the match is over.

3. Never walk in front of the TV

As simple as that. Never walk in front of the TV when there is an ongoing match. No matter how urgent you need something, keep clear of the TV during the 90mins of the game. Nothing will cause him to throw a fit more than missing the live action in front of him.

4. Do not arrange joint plans

Save yourself from getting into arguments with your man by not making any joint plans. Their eyes, heart, and mind will be glued to the ongoing matches and they will refuse to leave for any appointments. Instead, you may want to use this opportunity to meet and catch up with your friends.

5. Be understanding

Keep comments such as “it’s just 22 men chasing a ball”, “what’s so interesting/fun about football”, “this is boring”, and “it’s just a game” to yourself. The World Cup is highly anticipated because it is only held once every four years. Try to be understanding and give him this month to bring out his inner football spirit and passion.

6. The TV is his

The remote has to be surrendered for the month, and be prepared to have the TV handed over to him this month. Do not fight for the TV because would you rather he be watching the game from home where you can see him, or he be watching the game outside with friends?

So ladies, do not let the World Cup strain your relationship with your man. Be understanding, let him have the TV and hibernate for the month. Use this opportunity to enjoy some “me time” or maybe pick up a new sport!


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