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Working towards your summer bikini body

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With it being summer all year round here in sunny Singapore, it can be quite challenging to get the perfect bikini body. Here are some tips on getting fit and feeling fab!


rena kwok Photo: Rena Kwok

Hydrate yourself

Hydrating your body is the best way for losing weight effortlessly. Recent studies have shown not only does water boost your body’s ability to lose weight, it also increases your metabolic rate by nearly 20%. What's more, your skin will reap the benefits too.

Add spice to your diet

Adding spicy food to your diet goes a long way. Spicy food contains a chemical called capsaicin which helps to boost your metabolism by increasing your heart rate and body temperature.

Success lies in the details

Besides scheduling your workouts, actively planning your meals is equally important. Take an hour out of your schedule weekly to make a healthy meal plan and grocery list before you shop.

Maximise your time

Decide if you wish to burn fats or carbohydrates for your exercise of the day. Working out with an empty stomach burns stored fat as carbs would have been processed in your sleep. Thus, if you exercise in the morning, you will be burning fats at an accelerated rate for hours thereafter. Specifically, try HIIT trainings which save time and burn more calories according to research done by the American College of Sports Medicine.



This article was contributed by Rena Kwok. Rena is the founder of Aesleta Activewear, bold and stylish activewear for the confident woman.


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