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Common gym beauty myths debunked

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rena kwok Photo: Rena Kwok

Before you embark on your fitness journey as an avid gym goer and start a regular workout regime, more often than not, you find yourself overwhelmed with horror stories about the undesirable effects exercising can have on you.

For instance, does working out with make-up on really cause spots? Or that you may suffer from traction alopecia depending on the way you style your hair during your workout? Well, this is why we have decided to debunk them once and for all with the research gathered. Let’s begin!

Does exercising make you look youthful?

rena kowkPhoto: Rena Kwok

Well, as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain”. While, a session of “HIIT” workout is unlikely to make you look younger, in the long run, consistent long-term exercise increases the production of collagen within skin cells which helps to plump out the skin and make it appear younger. And, guess what, overproducing collagen also eases ease joint and muscle pain!

Does exercising cause body acne?

Body acne that surfaces after a workout is usually caused by restraining clothing which blocks your pores. So ladies, avoid sitting around in your gym clothes after your workout. Have a good warm shower to cleanse the skin and soothe the muscles.

Does exercising with make-up on cause spots?

Photo: Rena Kwok

Exercising without make-up on certainly allows your skin to breathe more easily and makes wiping away sweat a less messy job. However, if you do feel naked without it which comes along with the rising influence of athleisure beauty which encourages the opposite, try to keep your make-up to a minimal.

Keep it to the essential 3 must-haves:

1. Waterproof mascara for the eyes

2. Brow gel for brows

3. Lightweight tined moisturizer or minimal concealer for the face

And, remember to remove the make-up on your face thoroughly and immediately once you are done with your workout.



This article was contributed by Rena Kwok. Rena is the founder of Aesleta Activewear, bold and stylish activewear for the confident woman.