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car free sunday at one-north TeamSG

Car Free Sunday brings life to urban spaces in one-north

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Usually a quiet area during the weekend, the one-north district was flooded with families and fitness enthusiasts this past Sunday for a special edition of Car-Free Sunday (CFS), in an attempt to bring life to the urban spaces and business districts in Singapore.

“I think [the initiative was meant to] introduce new places for activities to be run, [and to] introduce more spaces for the public to visit,” said Samantha Low, senior executive from SportSG (Active Health Division).

“We don’t come here often, except for people who work in this area. Having [these activities] on a weekend will allow parents and families to bring their whole unit here,” she continued.


car free sunday at one-north Participants enjoying the Jumping Fitness. Photo: Sport Singapore

The public who were present at one-north found themselves occupied with an array of ActiveSG activities, such as Jumping Fitness, functional fitness tests, and challenges set up by both the ActiveSG Athletics Club and Outdoor Adventure Club.

42-year-old Calvin Chang, who tried setting up a tent with his two daughters, was intrigued by the new location for this edition of CFS.

“[This location] is good, [as] at least it will not cause traffic congestion, because it’s packed only on the weekdays,” he pointed out.

In fact, Sunday was a great opportunity for his children to visit their mother’s workplace, which happened to be in the one-north district. He shared: “Usually we won’t bring kids to the business district area. Today, at least, the children can be exposed to their parents’ working place, and see what the environment looks like.”

For those who live in the west of Singapore, the new location was also closer to their homes, according to close friends Kim Wei Ling and Jaclyn Yeoh, who had been to previous editions of CFS held at the Civic District.

“It’s not my first time at Car-Free Sunday, but [it’s our] first time [attending one] here at one-north. We stay in West Coast, so it’s nearer for people like me! We cycled here together today,” related Kim, who also gave the Jumping Fitness activity a go.


car free sunday at one-north Kim Wei Ling (first from left) and Jaclyn Yeoh (second from left) having a go on the Jumping Fitness. Photo: Sport Singapore

“It [Jumping Fitness] was quite strenuous, but it’s a nice experience! I think it’s a very good activity, because it can attract the young and old,” she shared.

Indeed, CFS is an event that caters to all Singaporeans young and old, especially families who wish to engage their little ones in physical activity.

Along with her husband, 38-year-old Pamela Tan has been making an effort to bring her three children outdoors as often as they can, for activities ranging from cycling, basketball, and camping. She urged others to do the same by engaging in the activities available at CFS.


car free sunday at one-north Pamela Tan (far left) and family. Photo: Sport Singapore

“In this day and age, a lot of our work is at the desk. It’s very stationary. It’s good to have a bit of exercise, even if it’s just a bit every day,” she explained.

Michelle Phua, who is a fairly new mum with her 17-month-old son, concurred that CFS was a good avenue to get her child exposed to more outdoor activities.

“We tried some of the activities here, like walking over the low obstacle course (ActiveSG Athletics Club), which I think is good. He’s usually indoors and he doesn’t get this much exposure on a daily basis. It’s a new experience for him!” Phua shared.

car free sunday at one-northYoung ones having fun at the ActiveSG Athletics Club station. Photo: Sport Singapore

“This is actually a safe place for the children to roam about. [CFS] is a great [chance] for them to explore and to build their social skills [with other children],” the 38-year-old noted.

To stay updated on upcoming Car-Free Sundays, stay tuned to the myActiveSG Facebook page


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