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SSC Rugby 7s 2014 workout

What does it take to be a rugby sevens player?

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Strength, stamina, and spirit – you will need those and a whole lot more to survive a competitive rugby sevens match. Let us explore some that skills you should have in order to be a top player.

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Pass Master

First off, you will need to be able to pass the ball well. Passing might be a basic skill but it looks easier than it actually is, and top players must always be able to retain possession of the rugby ball.

Twinkle Toes

Next up, you need to be able to perform some fancy footwork. In rugby sevens, size and strength do not always win you the battle. Sidestepping and expertly moving into spaces to keep yourself open for a pass could mean the difference between a score and a scrum.

"Tree Trunk" Legs

Talking about footwork, you also need to have some leg power. Drop kicking is an essential skill, and it is employed after every try, or score. Within 30 seconds, the team that just scored a try must drop kick the ball for a conversion, which earns them a further two points. The ability to slot kicks through the posts from any angle is invaluable.

Lightning Reflexes

If you have watched a rugby sevens match, you would have probably been left marvelled by the way some players are able to toss the ball back and forth between each other, despite the opposition around them. This is a skill known as “offloading”, and though it is not easy to master, your team will score some sensational tries once all of you have mastered it.

Taking them Down

In rugby sevens, tackling can be considered a little bit of an art form. With less players on the field, there is a lot more space to cover, and speedsters often try to exploit these gaps. A player who is able to defend against these speed demons and carry out a key tackle will protect their team against crucial tries.

Speed, Speed, Speed

Finally, a rugby sevens player has to be extremely fit and quick. Arguably some of the fittest athletes in the world, a sevens player would typically train up his or her fitness levels by sprinting continuously for seven minutes, rest for one minute, before embarking on another seven-minute sprint!

SSC Rugby 7s 2014Photo: Sport Singapore

If you think you have what it takes to be in a rugby sevens game, why don’t you head down to the upcoming HSBC Singapore Sevens event, taking place on 28 and 29 April, to catch some professionals in action? Watch the skills mentioned above displayed first-hand by the world’s best men’s rugby sevens teams.

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