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one for the cardio bunnies credit: The Daily Escape workout

One for the cardio bunnies

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Cardio – a word that triggers intense feelings of both love and hate in people. While it is touted for decades as the easiest way to lose weight and torch fat, aerobic work tends to be at its most effective when the intensity of the activity is scaled to the individual, instead of just blindly following some cookie-cutter routine or pounding away mindlessly on the treadmill.

Ideally, endurance training should be complemented with other training modalities. Finding a good balance by incorporating other elements such as strength training, resistance training and flexibility is crucial regardless of your fitness level. This can be achieved through yoga or even High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) classes. Utilised properly, energy systems work helps to increase your resting metabolic state, lower blood pressure levels and even decrease baseline cortisol. Switching up your workout can also be very helpful, so be sure to vary your training every now and then to keep the adaptations coming.



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