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7 things to do at the first ever Car Free Sunday at one-north

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That’s right! Car Free Sunday (CFS) will be stepping out of the Civic District for the first time this month and one-north will be the place to be on 29 April! Jointly organised by URA and JTC, this will be the first time that cyclists, joggers and families can enjoy this event at one-north.

Here’s a list of 7 awesome activities that you and your family and friends can do at the April edition of the CFS:


1) Outdoor Adventure Club (8.30am to 12pm) @Fusionpolis Plaza

Two students from Broadrick Sec race against one another in a leopard crawl competition [Credit to AC Leong]Photo: Sport Singapore

Looking to add some adventure and excitement to your Sunday morning? Come try out the “Balancing Challenge” and complete an obstacle course which challenges your balancing skills!


2) Butterfly Explorer (9am – 12pm) @one-north Park

Calling out to all nature lovers. Did you know that in our urban parks there are many interesting plants that attract various species of beautiful butterflies? Come on down to one-north Park: Fusionopolis North where you can learn from the friendly station guides more about butterfly-attracting plant, and if you’re lucky, spot some butterflies too!


3) Urban Street Challenge (8am -1130am) @Biopolis Street

Adrenaline junkies will be keen to know that the Urban Street Challenge will also be at the upcoming CFS!

There will be 3 circuits open to the cycling community and members of the public.

a. A dual challenge circuit, made up of 5 obstacles, where members of the cycling community will go head to head with each other. (8.00am-11.30am)

b. For beginners, there will be 2 try-out circuits with simple obstacles on site for members of the public to test their skill. (9.00am-11.30am)


4) Indoor Drone Challenge (9am – 12pm) @Matrix Building, Biopolis

Techies and drone enthusiasts, there’s something in store for you too! Held on the stage of the auditorium, the general public will be able to try their hands at flying drones through various obstacles in an enclosed area, under instruction.


5) ActiveSG Athletics Club (8.30am-12.00pm) @Fusionpolis Plaza


Photo: Sport Singapore

Interested in track and field but not quite sure where to start? Test your strength and stamina at various fitness stations hosted by the ActiveSG Athletics Club including sprinting, hurdles, bean bag throw, standing long jump and endurance run.


6) Fight-Do® (10.00-11.00am) @Star Vista, Star Plaza

FIGHT-DO® is one of the most dynamic and best cardio workouts! Some of the techniques you will use to fight imaginary opponents in animated and exciting works in FIGHT-DO® include boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts.


7) Farmers’ Market (9am – 12pm) @Biopolis Epicentre

colours and nutrientsPhoto: Sport Singapore

Thinking of whipping up a healthy and delish meal for your family on Sunday? Check out healthy produce and offerings such as fresh vegetables and mushrooms, fresh poulet, fresh salads, Biscotti, Paleo cookies, Tarts and Bakes, cold brew coffee and tea, Kombucha and Probiotic beverages, honey, truffle products, pandan products, snacks and many more!




All event information are courtesy of and accurate at time of publish. 

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