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Goodness of milk goes beyond calcium

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Most of us are familiar with the creamy goodness of milk – especially for its calcium benefits.

But, you might be surprised that a single glass of milk contains more than just calcium! Did you know that milk contains a host of nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals, that support our bodies’ function whether you are 5, 30 or 80 years old?


milk infographic Photo: FrieslandCampina  

Infographic: FrieslandCampina

In fact, you only need to drink a single glass of milk (240ml) to get the equivalent of the amount of Vitamin D 5 IU found in 20g of cooked salmon! It also provides the equivalent amount of protein as 1.5 medium eggs. Protein and Vitamin D are needed by our bodies for building and maintaining our muscles.

So the next time you drink a cup of milk, know that the goodness of dairy is providing you with calcium and much more!

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