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Getting stronger - not just lifting more weight

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For those who live and breathe “strength”, the journey is never a linear one. Aside from making sure that your body gets plenty of fuel, the only other option to get stronger is to typically pile on more weights. However, simply adding more weight to the bar may not be the most fruitful solution. In fact, unless you are planning to enter a powerlifting or weightlifting competition, you shouldn’t be overly concerned with gaining absolute strength. Instead, it would be wiser to utilise smart training strategies that can concurrently help preclude any potential pitfalls or injuries. After all, a stronger body is more than just about lifting the most weight.

Improve relative strength by reducing body fat

In order to enhance your overall strength in the long-term, improving strength that is relative to your bodyweight is arguably more important that building absolute strength. This means that shedding the extra body fat is essential, not just because doing so will reduce your chances of contracting ailments including heart disease and diabetes, but also because fat consists of adipose tissue, which plays no virtually role in developing strength potential.

Thus, reducing body fat whilst maintaining your absolute strength will enable your relative strength to increase. Achieving this requires a combination of both sound nutrition and metabolically challenging training. A leaner body is one that has less “dead weight”, which will allow it to move better.


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