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A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30 news

A Journey of Active Discovery proves to be A Good Day Out

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If this was a regular assignment, I would have sat back and watched the events unfold during the Tote Board’s 30th anniversary carnival, A Good Day Out, but there was a complete different plan in store for me this time.

Spread across The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay, ActiveSG had set up multiple game stations and sport try-out booths for the public.

A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30The Meadow @ Gardens by the Bay was abuzz with activity at Toteboard's 30th anniversary carnival.

My role was to try them out and share my experiences here.

We had two game tracks to choose from: the “Journey of Active Discovery”, which consisted of six games designed to promote cooperation within a team; and the “Let’s Play Inclusive!”, which featured four para-sports (athletics, boccia, football, and wheelchair basketball) for the public to try out.

Opting for the “Journey of Active Discovery”, I teamed up with John Yeong, Gary Yang, and Majorie Yeo, as well as local football icons Lim Tong Hai and Steven Tan! What an honour.

A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30Group photo as we took on the team challenge for "A Journey of Active Discovery" (from L-R: Me, John Yeong, Gary Yang, Lim Tong Hai, Steven Tan, Majorie Yeo)

Before we started, two of us took on a ‘handicap’, an addition to the game meant to help players gain a glimpse into what a person with a disability would experience - Majorie put on ear plugs to simulate hearing impairment, and John got an ankle weight to mimic a disability in the lower limb.

And with that, we were ready to go!

Balancing Challenge

Similar to ‘the floor is lava’ challenge, the first station required us to move from one block to the other without stepping on the grass!

Balance was definitely required, because we were doing it on a slope, and we had to cooperate to pass the wooden planks down the line to get the team moving.

We completed the challenge in just over a minute! Great job, everyone!

 A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30Our team attempting to cross the balancing challenge, akin to "The Floor is Lava" challenge.

3D Spider Web

Imagine a thief trying to get pass a laser security system in a museum.

We had to get down and dirty for this second challenge, because getting past the strings required us to move on all fours on the grass. I’ll admit that I cheated a little by touching the line once or twice just to avoid getting on the grass…but we did still finish the course in good time!

A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30This is me attempting the 3D Spiderweb challenge: We finished the course in good time!

Fun Tyre Challenge

We completed this challenge in groups of three, because we thought getting six people to lift a tyre would be too easy.

After completing the challenge, I would say that the word “fun” was probably placed in there to trick gullible players like us!

This station was the most physically demanding of the six, and I definitely felt my muscles working while flipping the tyres over the 30-metre course.

A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30 A challenge meant for a team of six but we obviously felt three of us were good enough for the task!


I had the most fun at this game, because of the fast action and high energy levels on the court. This fourth station had us trying to score goals on a mini football field, but we were playing with a huge KIN ball!

It got quite chaotic at some point because everyone became a little competitive, but it was all in good fun.

 A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30KIN-football was a popular choice among the kids.

Disc Golf

Before Saturday, I had never heard of disc golf before, so this was an eye-opener! We had to throw the disc at a target about 10 metres away, aiming to use the least number of throws to get there.

I was not the best at throwing, so I had to take five moves to complete this fifth challenge.

Jumbo Tennis

Despite its name, this final station wasn’t anything like a game of tennis.

I expected to be swinging the giant racket, but instead, we were told to balance the ball on it by pulling on the attached strings. At some point, we dropped the ball and had to get it back on the racket without using our hands, which definitely wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30Not what I originally had in mind when "Jumbo Tennis" was mentioned, but balancing the ball was both fun and challenging.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to have so much fun on this “Journey”.

The games were easy to understand and proved to be a sufficient physical challenge. But the best part was probably taking part in the series of games as a team.

A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30Inclusive Sports festival allowed members of public to experience what it was like to play sports with a handicap.

We were told that it would likely prove to be a bigger challenge for families with young children, so perhaps next time, I’ll get my family to take part in these ActiveSG activities along with me!

A Good Day Out - Toteboard 30Wheelchair basketball station.

If you’re interested in more family-friendly activities similar to this, be sure to ‘like’ the myActiveSG Facebook page and keep an eye out for any upcoming events! You’ll have lots of fun, I promise.


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