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CoachSG conference 2018 news

CoachSG Conference 2018: Coaching Better Every Day

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This year’s edition of the CoachSG conference kicked off this morning (31 October), at the Agora Hall at Republic Polytechnic.

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu, graced the event and was invited to give an opening address on the opening day of the conference, which saw more than 200 local coaches coming together to connect and learn from one another.

CoachSG conference 2018Participants of the CoachSG Conference posing for a group photo with Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu (front row, centre, in stripes). Photo: Sport Singapore

She announced that Sport Singapore will be partnering with the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore Police Force and the Ministry of Education to form the SafeSport Commission in 2019 to establish guidelines in the sports fraternity in tackling sexual misconduct in sport.

“I want to emphasise that, at the heart of the issue, everyone – coaches, teachers, parents, officials, and the athletes themselves – has a part to play in SafeSport,” said Minister Fu.

“If we see or sense something amiss, we need to raise this with the appropriate authorities.”

One of CoachSG’s goals is to strengthen the coach education system through the Continuing Coach Education (CCE) programme which supports coaches in continually upgrading themselves to maintain a high coaching standard.

Coach Beatrice Chan conducted a workshop on International Table Tennis Federation’s rules and regulations to 20 fellow table tennis coaches.

It is essential for coaches like Ms. Chan to share their knowledge and experience as such courses are not available commercially as well.

“As a National Referee and International Umpire, I proposed to have a CCE workshop to update coaches on the latest rules and regulations of table tennis,” Chan said.

 Dr Richard Charlesworth delivering his keynote speech on the Power Lessons from Coaching Life. Photo: Sport SingaporeDr Richard Charlesworth delivering his keynote speech on the Power Lessons from Coaching Life. Photo: Sport Singapore

CoachSG supports coaches finanically through the Coach Development Grant (CDG) which was launched in December last year.

The grant has provided support of $24,000 to 13 coaches and enabled them to develop their skills in areas like disability sports as well as youth sports.

The two-day conference will evaluate the successes from local athletes and coaches, past and present, through the lenses of Coaching Pedagogy, Coaches’ Professional Development, Character and Leadership in Sport, and Sports Science and Technology.

Having attended both CoachSG conference in 2017 as well as 2018, Balazs Babella, coach of the National Kayak Team said: “It is encouraging to know that the way I’m coaching and principles I instill in my athletes are in line with what the speakers have to share at the conference.”

Babella added: “I would encourage all the coaches to come and attend (the conference), especially those who have lesser experience in high-performance coaching.”

The conference is currently on-going and will conclude tomorrow (1 Nov).


Key speakers and topics include:

“Powerful Lessons from Coaching Life”, Dr Richard Charlesworth

“Responsible Coaching – Fighting Abuse”, Ms Jennifer Teoh

Nonlinear Pedagogy: Coaches as Facilitators of Learning with a Focus on the Individual Athlete”, Dr Chow Jiayi and

“Getting Better at Getting Better” by Mr Vern Gambetta


Find out more about the CoachSG Conference here.