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black box VR technology

Resolving to hit the gym this year? Get into shape with Black Box VR

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A pair of savvy entrepreneurs doesn’t want your fitness-related New Year’s resolution to fail, so they made going to the gym fun — and virtual.

Ryan DeLuca, who created the nutritional supplement retail site, and Preston Lewis, debuted at CES this week their new fitness venture Black Box VR. Black Box VR is a virtual reality gym that makes a game out of hitting the weights.

Founded on the principle that gaming triggers humans’ addictive response, Black Box VR is designed to feel like a game, promoting instant feedback and gratification for working out, according to the company. As a Black Box user, you go to a specific gym where you put on an HTC Vive headset and enter a virtual workout environment where you play a video game of sorts. The website promotes the game aspect as creating a situation where your body perceives an urgent situation and forces you to work (out) to overcome it.


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