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fitbit tracker technology

3 cool fitness gadgets for getting you in shape

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You need to work out in order to stay in shape, safe and fit. You need to make the muscles in your body active, alive and more productive. To do this effectively, you need to ensure you have the right tracking devices by your side at all times.

Some people are skeptical to buy some gadgets; they think that buying gadgets are actually a waste of money and time. But that’s not always the case. After a careful research, we have assembled 3 cool gadgets that will truly help you stay healthy and get fit. Here are 3 awesome fitness gadgets you can try today:

1. Weighted Jump Rope

weighted jump ropes 

Photo: Ryan Prior

A weighted jump rope will help you to step up your workout session. Each of the rope is coated with PVC and durable wire core- thus, you can use them either indoors or outside. You can simply swap the handles from one rope to another, depending on your preferred weight.

Use the heavier ropes to build strength and the lighter weight for speed work. To have access to all the jump rope, all you simply need to do is to download their app from the internet.


2. Waterproof earbuds

A lot of people keep asking whether waterproof earbuds is a veritable cool fitness gadget that will keep you in shape. The answer is in the affirmative. Below are some awesome reasons why you should use it.

fitness earbuds 

Photo: Ryan Prior

(a) Swimming- waterproof earbuds make it possible for you to listen to music even while you are in a swimming pool. It is the best option for you whether you are participating in a training session or swimming leisurely. It allows you to listen to your favorite music while you are underwater.

(b) Sweat proof- waterproof earbuds are sweat resistant. This means you can use them if you are going for a jog without getting worried that sweat will interfere with your headphones or sound quality.

(c) Shower- waterproof earbuds can be used in the shower. You can pair it with waterproof headphones and enjoy your music comfortably in the shower without disturbing anyone near you.

(d) Daily usage- one of the wonderful things about waterproof earbuds is that you can use them in your daily lifestyle. You can use them around your house anytime, any day without issues. Users are happy with it due to their multi-functional capacity.

(e) When it rains- if you are someone that loves to do the workout even when it rains, then this is the best gadget for you. If you have tried to engage in a run in the rain, you will realize that it doesn’t work well.

It is either your ear will be filled with water, or the headphones will fall out at a point, or even in worst case scenario get filled with water. But having waterproof earbuds saves you from any of these issues, and at the same time makes your workout really fun and enjoyable.

(f) Better sound quality- one of the big advantages of waterproof earbuds is their quality of sound. They are constructed to be used underwater- they are carefully constructed to have a crisp sound. This makes it possible for you to use them both in the pool and outside.

(g) Lasts longer- waterproof earbuds are highly accessible and durable than regular headphones. If you have a conventional headphone, you will notice that they have a short lifespan, thereby causing you to be buying a pair of new headphones every couple months. But waterproof earbuds are produced with better capacity and quality- so they last longer.


3. Fitbit Tracker

fitbit tracker 

Photo: Ryan Prior

This is a physical activity tracker that is perfectly designed to enable you to become productive, active, turn you into a healthier person, sleep better and ultimately eat a more balanced diet. The good news is that a Fitbit tracker helps you to do all these without subjecting you to a maniacal grin or weird afro.

Fitbit tracker works by understanding your motions by analysing your acceleration data, providing detailed information about patterns of movement, intensity, duration, and frequency to determine your steps taken, sleep quality, calories burned, and distance travelled. The Fitbit tracker has so many features including auto sleep detection, caller identity, a silent vibrating alarm, and a clock.



This article was contributed by Ryan Prior. Ryan is a blogger and writer at and he's a fanatic tech lover and passionate about writing articles on headphones, technology, earphones and the latest technology.