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Samantha's Active Health Blog (Week 6): Its goodbye but only for now

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My mission is coming to an end! *wipes a tear dramatically*

While I won’t be able to continue sharing such in-depth reflections of my Active Health journey, I’m nonetheless proud that I’ve come this far! I mean… thinking back, I never thought that I would’ve been able to adopt all 16 habits!

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Taking up the challenge to adopt habits for nutrition, physical activity, screen time, and sleep has really made me feel happier and better. It gave me the opportunity to take a breather from my hectic lifestyle and reminded me look after my own health.

After all, work will always be there! On the other hand, once our health deteriorates, it can’t be easily restored. We often fail to listen to our bodies and give ourselves such opportunities to recover.

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In that sense, Active Health really pushes us to live better for ourselves rather than for others. Just take one step at a time! The habits are accumulative, so if you keep repeating them every day, they’ll become a part of your life eventually.

After all, there is no expiry date to maintaining your health! Speaking of which, the time has come for… *drum rolls* the official launch of Active Health to the public!

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The launch will be held in conjunction with Car Free Sunday [Sunday 30th July] at 8.30am at the Padang, and anyone can visit the Active Health capsule, which will be there till 8th August! It’s called the capsule because it will be shaped like one, but more importantly, it means that Active Health is like medicine in the field of preventive healthcare!

This capsule aims to help us realise that the choices that we make really matter and teach us how to take small, achievable steps to gaining a better quality of life – be it physically, mentally, or socially.

The Active Health capsule is also a teaser, leading up to the bigger and better Active Health Lab! The lab will be launched on 6 August at Our Tampines Hub as the initiative’s permanent set-up.

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Active Health experts will be there to offer you guidance, provide you with comprehensive information, and even help you with physical assessments! Coming back to the Active Health capsule at the Padang, there will also be sport-focused activities at the same venue as well.

These are a part of the Active Enabler Programme, in conjuction with GetActive! Singapore, so you should come down to play and take part in these activities.

Join in the Active Health life, through the capsule and GetActive! Singapore in the coming weeks, and adopt habits to change your lifestyle for the better!

A huge thank you to everyone for following my blog all this while, and don’t worry because this is definitely not the last time you’ll be hearing from me!

I’ll continue leading an Active Health life, so you can keep up with me at my Instagram (@s.lowbutsteady). That’s it for now, and see you at the launch tomorrow! *waves*

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