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Samantha Active Health Journey Week 5 family

Samantha's Active Health Blog (Week 5): Keep trying for better

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I’m back – and this time, I can say with confidence that I’m much healthier than I was a month ago! It is getting easier for me to follow the Active Health guidelines because this challenge has made me more conscious of my actions.

Although it has been a super busy period at work, with the stress levels increasing and the amount of sleep I’m getting decreasing, I’m trying to make up for it by putting in extra effort to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and reduce my usage of screens.

Now let’s get down to the details, shall we?

#1 Nutrition: Living the greener life

I’ve always loved eating my greens, so hitting two servings of vegetables or fruits for lunch has never been a problem! I don’t pack food, as I prefer to get my lunch from food stalls because it’s much more convenient. You may think that it’s impossible to eat healthily outside, but that’s not true! Dishes like yong tau foo or economy rice are great options to get your daily dose of vegetables. I also try to go home every night to have dinner with my family – after all, nothing beats home-cooked food! Other than my family, my friends and colleagues have also been giving me the motivation to fulfil my weekly resolutions! They’ll check in with me from time to time, to see how I’m progressing, and they’ll remind me to make healthier choices. The culture within my organisation is really helping to shape my progress!

Samantha Active Health Journey Week 5 Photo: @S.lowbutsteady

#2 Physical activity: Lunchtime workouts

Recently, I started going for lunchtime workouts with my colleagues. Exercising in a grouup is much more fun than working out alone for sure! This has made it easier for me to meet my resolution to complete 25 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every day. Doing these workouts and taking regular 10-minute brisk walk sessions means that hitting 10,000 steps a day has also become a norm for me now!

Samantha Active Health Journey Week 5 Photo: @S.lowbutsteady

#3 Sleep: Time for some much-needed rest

Being in bed with my eyes closed for at least 7.5 hours before waking up? Well… with my workload getting heavier as each day passes, I would be lying if I said that the stress isn’t affecting the quality of my sleep. I may not be clocking the recommended hours of sleep now, but I’m happy to share that waking up at a consistent time every day and turning off all alerts on my phone before bed has been helping me to wake up feeling a bit more refreshed! I’ve also been trying to make up for my lack of sleeping hours with habits from the other pillars as well, since working out and eating right does help in keeping me energised throughout the day!

#4 Screen time: Exercising without screens

Not looking at screens during physical activity and exercise is an easy one! I mean, I’ve never actively looked at screens while working out – after all, I am moving about! As for keeping my social media usage to 30 minutes, I’ve been making small changes and keeping track of the amount of time spent scrolling through my Instagram feed. Whenever I’m on the train and get bored, the first thing I think of is my social media platforms. But I’ve been restricting myself to spending only a minute or two on them. As I’ve always said, better beats perfect! I may not be hitting all the habits yet, but I will keep trying.

This week’s habits are the last set from the Active Health challenge, but I’ll still be back next week to share with you thoughts on my journey as a whole! Till then, you can stay tuned to my Instagram (@s.lowbutsteady) for more updates on what I’ve been up to!

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